John Adams Speaks Truth. Hillbillies Stun Nation With Sheen Of Reading, Writing And Computer Literacy Skills.

John, John, John… You done blow’d up the Orange Nation with your truth-telling opus. Legions of Philbillies have taken to the internets to slam your column. The comments section alone is a proofreader’s wet dream. That’s just sad, really. John had several great points and articulated them well. Whilst the FOPs (Friends of Phil) crow […]

How to Celebrate President’s Day Weekend

Get stoned!  Hells yes! A college kid smokin’ the reefer isn’t a surprise, but the few details surrounding this situation raise some questions: 1. Gamecock WR Dion Lecorn couldn’t find anywhere else to get his fix besides in a car?  God damn son, if you’re going to break the law, at least be smart about it.  […]

Tony Joiner. Silly Gator. Freedom is for non-criminals.

  “And they all… Fall…. down” Is it just me or doesn’t it seem that every time one of the Hollywood trifecta starlets of Spears, Lohan, or Hilton gets in trouble an equally stupid gator footballer gets busted for something?  Or is it that they all do something stupid so often that the discretions just run together?  They’re bound […]

Tom Jurich – Da’Ville AD: The Anti-Jeremy Foley

No one has ever accused me of showing any sympathy or love whatsoever to anyone or anything associated with the BCS B-List abortion that is known as the Big East.  Everyone knows the Big East’s automatic BCS appearance is holding the place of the 2nd automatic BCS bid for the SEC.  The SEC is clearly […]

Fulmer invokes the “Marcus Thomas Rule”; Reinstates suspended weed smoking running back GBO!!!

Tennessee ‘s Phil Fulmer now recognizes the importance of athletics in his player’s lives. A “source” close to the program explained “Education has never done nothing for these boys. They play football good and that is what is going to make them a star. Keeping these kids off the field is like taking the food […]

LaMarcus Coker goes down like a champion

It’s the benches at the baselines. It’s trying to be Florida six nights a week at Mojitos and act like Tennessee on Saturday. It’s “For when the One Great Scorer comes/To write against your name,/He marks-not that you won or lost-/But how you smoked the fatty.” It’s Florida. (What a perfect picture of Coker getting […]

Herban Meyer and his Wild Angels

Herban Meyer will no doubt be ridiculed for his decision to let his players play the game, great men often are, but true fans recognize the service he has given to the the game of football, the University of Florida and his Gator Football Team. We could all learn from Meyer’s shining examples and show […]

Spurrier tells Herban Meyer: You are my Katie Couric

In a crystal clear message that was obviously meant for a young turk in Gainesville, the Old Ball Sack Coach showed Herban Meyer and the liberal media that he can “turn it on” anytime that he chooses.  (thanks for the tip and writeup Thomas) Tommy Tuberville, Joe Paterno and Bob Stoops should be ashamed. They […]