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Crompton: The Heisman push

% TDs against the Buzzsaw Jon Crompton would rather beat- on and be a Quarterback than to be doted on about spending spring with  little smooth hairless uncircumcised prepubescent Filipino boys.  Cromps  has always supported hard work  and Appalachia principles and not men. He acts fearless and independent and he never will regret his course, […]

Redefining Sniffing the Jock and the essence of ball sweat

Simple Kevin stroked this story to a fulfilling climax. Teasing and Edging all the way.  But explosively he got it right.  Brown a Vol.  Just how deep is your love? [Via Email ht Frodo]What a ride huh? I’m a normal guy, of normal means. I have had no journalistic experience but have always dreamed of doing […]

This is the final on Kiffin/Meyer

Maybe it is the final post or maybe it isn’t.  But was it really that long ago when Spurrier was making comments that were equally inflammatory, and Florida fags  loved it? ….Remember Free Shoes University? That indirectly called FSU a bunch of cheaters ….Remember the unrelentless attacks after UT’s Memphis loss? Being a cocksucker is […] – Iraqi policemen, still a long way to go

Sadly, he probably got rebuked for this more about " – Iraqi policemen, still…", posted with vodpod

Inside the mind of an insecure *man*

Hang 60 or 70 us Herban. Nobody gives a shit. It is notable that Kiffin has pitched a tent in the mind of a fragile man.  Every hour Florida spends on Kiffin is an hour lost.  It does prove that Herbs identifies himself through his penis.  Florida/Penis/Tebow.   Cromps takes the Heisman back to K-Town after […]

Crompton wears coonskin

Jon Crompton came Knoxville to represent the University of Tennessee, and it is like some enjoy watching him struggle. I tend to go with the belief that my team is on the field. I will support my team and my team is the Tennessee Volunteers. I will stand behind them through tough times. I will […]

Every Rose has it’s Thorn, Cal’s Speed is Un-Godly

Next up on our Athlon preview [Athlon] are the Cal Bears. Everyone that is anyone knows that the Pac 10 uses faster stop watches than the SEC. Look at this guy. He is a Tennessee fan. He has a Pac 10 Stop watch [Here is a real Cal Preview]. (Goodness, a 3.9 forty, You can’t […]

The Rainmen of Athletic Directors, Foley vs Boone

Listening to Colin Cowherd completely bury his face into Florida’s jockstrap, it became very clear that Cowherd is a complete idiot (Please don’t hurt us Colin). He made the statement that Foley’s hire of Ron Zook was the worst hire in the SEC. [ESPN Podcast] Do you think in 30 years or so the Herban […]