Gates in the Wild

This classic Gator pair was spotted at the Houston airport headed to Jacksunvill’.  Double fist those Diet Cokes, Gator.  They’ll cancel out the two Big Macs you chowed down.  BTW, NICE FUCKING JORTS! Expect more pictures of Gators in their natural habitat as I am in BFE, Florida this week.  GO GATORS GO!!!

Holtz visits the Gates again…

via Herban Meyer’s Twitter.  Good to see that the future and past Notre Dame coaches sticking together. From: @CoachUrbanMeyer Sent: Aug 10, 2009 7:19p Lou Holtz came and spoke to the team today, after a great practice. sent via TwitterBerry

#23 for Herban

23 “piss my pants” arrests under Herban’s  “watch”.  Alas, Two National Championships make it worth it.  Besides all of the other things that Gators truly hold dear (jorts, nat light etc…). It is all about:”National Championships.”  I am howling like  mike slive with jeremy foley’s fist inserted into my ass and working me like a […]

Pot Sweetner Herban Style

Mercy Percy.  I got this email from a Gator Website after all of the NFL Draft fail in regards to Percy Pimpslappin’ Harvin character issues.  Ironic. Oh and Mike Slive?  When are you going to make Herb apologize for his comments about Auburn? Mike, I’ll wait while you search. Herban Sux Kiffin and Spurrier and […]

Cam Newton?

Why a Cam Newton post? I just received an email from a knowledgeable insider that the Cameron Newton interest in Tennessee is very serious and very mutual. and this AJC  link only adds fuel to the fire. and then read this Swiped a laptop My God this would send Herban Meyer over the fucking […]

Percy Harvin has anger issues?

Just as soon as Percy gets away from Herb and Timmy he starts smoking again.  Marijuana must be a  helluva drug (Chronic, Bitch) and  Percy is a special kind of stupid.  Picture a typical day in the Florida locker room (when Percy is not recovering from a Migraine): Harvin: “I’m Percy Harvin” Rainey: “No, I […]

Tebow’s Girl?

Is this an unconfirmed girlfriend?  Or an yet another unwitting tourist provided by the Bull Gators in continue the  ruse?  Either way I have renewed hope for the lad.  Will he advise her of Riley, Chesney, Joiner and the scattering of Filipino boy foreskins?  Or that those big dickskinning fingers have handled many a penis?  […]

Puppet Regime in place

I hope that Mike Slive makes Bruce Pearl apologize to Florida, Foley and Billy D for beating that ass.  If Slive could have found a way to slide Florida into the Dance, he could have scored 30k bonus from the Bull Gators. A Nine Seed?  Way to stick up for the conference Monkey Boy.  Check […]