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Strong to Da ‘Ville

As blogged by Jai a couple of weeks ago, Charley Strong the  UF D coordinator is headed to his doom at Louisville. I am preparing a wonderful blog post for tomorrow to celebrate his future fail. looks like Urban Meyer might be coaching Florida by himself. Below is Charley and his mountain momma

Crompton: The Heisman push

% TDs against the Buzzsaw Jon Crompton would rather beat- on and be a Quarterback than to be doted on about spending spring with  little smooth hairless uncircumcised prepubescent Filipino boys.  Cromps  has always supported hard work  and Appalachia principles and not men. He acts fearless and independent and he never will regret his course, […]

Finishing Strong

Some blog posts just write themselves. Gary Danielson has a sore dick. Please stop fighting it DOES GOD HAVE A TIM TEBOW COMPLEX?: GQ Features on men.penis.com In the article, Tebow talks about life beyond the football field. He’s quoted as saying that, “when you die, there’s gonna be a tombstone, and on that tombstone […]

Holtz visits the Gates again…

via Herban Meyer’s Twitter.  Good to see that the future and past Notre Dame coaches sticking together. From: @CoachUrbanMeyer Sent: Aug 10, 2009 7:19p Lou Holtz came and spoke to the team today, after a great practice. sent via TwitterBerry

Number 25

Quick, somebody throw up the “U”!! Hurricane commit kicked out of Gators camp for flashing the “U” – OrlandoSentinel.com Oops!!! LB Dusty “Rhodes” Doe,arrested again. Gator Trifecta? Multiple arrests? check A starter? Check Suspended with a date with the “Leadership” committee? Check “Dustin had been suspended from team activities while resolving his parking-ticket issues and […]


What is Domeophobia? Defined as “Fear of The Notre Dame”, each year this surprisingly common phobia in the State that is known as America’s Penis causes countless panhandle rednecks needless distress. What is different this year? Tebow is leaving after this season to triumphantly follow in Alex Smith’s NFL footsteps. Gator fans, get your nose […]

Gator Damnation

Herban Meyer’s newest nemesis is Florida grad and cbs dick Greg Doyel (who is still a supertight anal “o” ring).  Doyel is generally as useless as a condom but he is taking on the Borg so I support him today.. I would like to be the first to explain to you that if you’ve woken […]

is this #24 for Florida?

Yawn…..Maybe Herban should recruit the officer that chased down the newest “Anti-Tebow”. Here is the obligatory “Don’t tase me bro” (HT http://ymswwc.wordpress.com/) Jesus, what kind of animals are they keeping in the zoo down there? I know Herban ain’t this boy’s daddy, but dude?? WTF, over? It is time to renew “hatefucking” Florida again. Arrest […]