This is the final on Kiffin/Meyer

Maybe it is the final post or maybe it isn’t.  But was it really that long ago when Spurrier was making comments that were equally inflammatory, and Florida fags  loved it? ….Remember Free Shoes University? That indirectly called FSU a bunch of cheaters ….Remember the unrelentless attacks after UT’s Memphis loss? Being a cocksucker is […]

Buckeyes: Windsock status changed to “shredded”

Tattered Windsock: To render one’s anus or vagina in a graphical state of distress, as a result of a particularly violent bowel movement or penetrative intercourse. Good lord. Ohio State should be banished from the top 20 after this  followup sub par shitty performance to another sub par shitty performance. Utterly terrible. Just beyond bad.  […]

Beamer Ball = Lunch Pail of Fail

Irony, engage.  Here is a poor quality video of ECU blocking a punt for a TD versus the “vaunted” Hokies. LOLz! Love these overrated mid-major ACC cupcake (playing shittier football than the Big 10) teams that  fail on ESPN, bitch. LOLz Related posts [VT preview and  WVU would win the ACC]

POLL: Big 10 Football

Nope there is no “analysis” is required here.  Bad football is…well….just bad football. And this is a poll about bad football.   You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of the slow-of-foot and cupcakes, but of mind. A world where the lack of a single quality win is enough to drive a […]

Failboat Fans


Best Place to take a dump (or have your foreskin removed)

Best place to take a massive dump? 1) Florida 2) Alabama 3) tOSU Failboats View Results Bama Cheats Last year’s champion: The Swamp Challenger: Bama’s Bryant-Denny With some Houndstooth The origin of so much ineptitude and Fail: tOSU’s Horseshoe. Thanks for giving us Kirk Herbstreit.

Facebook Fun

If anyone has facebook accounts, some groups you might consider joining: Ohio State wouldn’t last a day in the SEC Nick Saban didn’t want to go to Alabama. He wanted the 40 million dollars Alabama’s Future National Championship Roster (notice the coke dealer on the roster) Chris Leak for Heisman The Bear Bryant is Dead Club […]