chris leak

Inside the mind of an insecure *man*

Hang 60 or 70 us Herban. Nobody gives a shit. It is notable that Kiffin has pitched a tent in the mind of a fragile man.  Every hour Florida spends on Kiffin is an hour lost.  It does prove that Herbs identifies himself through his penis.  Florida/Penis/Tebow.   Cromps takes the Heisman back to K-Town after […]

Facebook Fun

If anyone has facebook accounts, some groups you might consider joining: Ohio State wouldn’t last a day in the SEC Nick Saban didn’t want to go to Alabama. He wanted the 40 million dollars Alabama’s Future National Championship Roster (notice the coke dealer on the roster) Chris Leak for Heisman The Bear Bryant is Dead Club […]

Good Job Florida!!!

It looks like the Cyborg and the University of Florida (AKA “SkyNet“) alerted the NCAA to LSU’s top-rated football recruit, cornerback Patrick Johnson of Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, Florida jump in test score []. Well  WTF people?? Somebody needed to grab themselves by the sack on stop this madness. Herban was that […]

Ragamuffin Chris Leak to tryout for the AAFL (snicker)

(President Bush asks: WTF?? Are you speaking English? You scored 8?) This is likely the last time we will mention old “How did I score 8 on the Wonder-Leak” on this blog. I wanted to refer to Leak as a “waif”, but someone else did that on another website. Kicked to the curb so much […]

Does Tebow suck? The Gators think he does

2006 Gator Urinal Cake = Chris Leak 2007 Gator Urinal Cake = Tim Tebow 2006 Gator fans best friend = Tim Tebow 2007 Gator fans best friend = John Brantley [link] Ahhhhh, so the doubts begin. Pass the Motts Apple Juice…. What’s this I keep hearing on the Gator message boards that our conference’s resident […]

Man Up Chris Leak, You Had Better Man Up

Low levels of male hormone could kill you. And yes Chris Leak, that clipboard in Calgary Canada can’t carry itself . The clipboard needs you. Sure you are a menstrual cycling low wonderlic scoring QB, but we need you to take care of yourself. Are all Gators mutated females? The introduction of testosterone causes the […]

Athlon Fluffs Florida at #6

Repeating as national champions could be a tall order for the Gators if the coaching staff can’t shore up a defense that has been depleted by graduation and early defections to the NFL. Among those who need to be replaced are the top two tacklers — linebackers Brandon Siler and Earl Everett — along with […]

Maybe the CFL is not a Logical Choice For Chris Leak

SASKATOON – Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ fullback Graeme Bell is in serious but stable condition in Saskatoon hospital after being attacked with a baseball bat by an unknown assailant Saturday. [TSN] I guess that CFL fans are serious about their football. Either way, if Leak does go north to Winnipeg then he should feel right at […]