Big Ten football

Interview with the spiritual leader of the Buckeye Nation

It was somewhat surreal to be interviewing the star of the Big Ten Blogosphere, the blog known as the Eleven Warriors:, but it was thrice the strangeness like that of a typical dark gray Ohio morning sky, when the refreshing crisp air clears a port-a-potty when I opened up my email with the deft […]

Not even Pat White could help THE Fail

Pat has won 4 bowls, he has been a good daddy to the SEC, ACC and Big12.  As talented as he is I seriously doubt that he can fix the fail personifiied known as Ohio State.    Bless their hearts, they just suck and their fans are loud and proud why they suck. This must be […]

Buckeyes: Windsock status changed to “shredded”

Tattered Windsock: To render one’s anus or vagina in a graphical state of distress, as a result of a particularly violent bowel movement or penetrative intercourse. Good lord. Ohio State should be banished from the top 20 after this  followup sub par shitty performance to another sub par shitty performance. Utterly terrible. Just beyond bad.  […]

Beano Cook’s Perfect Storm Version 3.0

For the previous two years, I have blogged the Michigan-Notre Dame matchup. As usual you can almost sense the homoerotic, earthy and sensual excitement creeping into both ESPN and Beano Cook’s loins. Games like Notre Dame vs Michigan require extra special preparation. This game will be extra-extra special because Jimmy Clausen is starting for the […]

POLL: Big 10 Football

Nope there is no “analysis” is required here.  Bad football is…well….just bad football. And this is a poll about bad football.   You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of the slow-of-foot and cupcakes, but of mind. A world where the lack of a single quality win is enough to drive a […]

Best Place to take a dump (or have your foreskin removed)

Best place to take a massive dump? 1) Florida 2) Alabama 3) tOSU Failboats View Results Bama Cheats Last year’s champion: The Swamp Challenger: Bama’s Bryant-Denny With some Houndstooth The origin of so much ineptitude and Fail: tOSU’s Horseshoe. Thanks for giving us Kirk Herbstreit.

Penn State: Athlon’s #23 Team

The only respectable team in the Big 10: Penn State. I am sure that there is a lot of head scratching at Penn State after leaving independent status for a BCS B-List Conference. Hell, the Big East looks more formidable. [Athlon]