LWS at the BCS Championship Game

Some thoughts and random first-hand observations from the BCS Championship Game: In the Nike vs. Under Armour war, Click Clack came out on top.  Yes, Nike paid for a laser to blast Oregon shit onto Camelback Mtn., but Under Armour went All In for Auburn.  In addition to these planes circling over the stadium area for […]

Fuck You

To the Ole Miss fan who was talking shit to me while I was trying to get a motherfucking chicken-on-a-stick and a Crispito for the first time in 2 years after Auburn tapped that Black Bear ass by 20 pts.  Fuck you.  You ruined my Chicken-on-a-stick and Crispito experience.  They don’t have chicken-on-a-stick and crispitos […]

Alabama continues to embarrass the SEC

So, SEC Fans. Is Alabama kinda of like the retarded brother that sits in the corner and monitors the dust devils in sunlight? Glad they’re not in my conference. Shit fire, they would have had to kick them to the curb years ago.  They kind of remind me of the old SWC…remember what happened to […]

The Battle Captain continues to beat Bammeroid Ass

As if dominating them on the gridiron was not enough,Fulmer is killing their fowl ass too.  Funny he would be hunting with Bill Battle of all people. Vols, Bitch. HT to Scott Livin’ it Outdoors Former University of Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer’s vaunted record against Alabama apparently extends to turkeys. On a wild turkey […]

The Wounded Bear

Lane Kiffin strolls right into the T-Town Ghetto and steals Lance Thompson, one of the top 5 recruiters in the south.  Roids Damage Control, engage .  The timing is sweet.  And right before National Signing Day.  Oh Lordy,  it is way to early to think that some of those recruits won’t go to Knoxville for […]

Tubby and Barn Debacle continues

I got this from a very good source: Former Auburn and Troy  Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin apparently was none too happy about his dismissal. Allegedly he called every opponent’s HC before the game the rest of the season, and gave them a detailed inside look at the offensive schemes and  playcalls, which is why the […]

Are Roids People too?

Who else remembers the connection of Mike DuBose and Secretaries Day?

The Ballad of Gene Chizik

Saban LOL’d