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The post VT beatdown celebration

I am dusting off this dead, dormant, and mothballed blog to respond to a fucking Gator at Saturday Down South (SDS).

In a post that was clearly meant to ridicule and demean Tennessee’s critical regional victory over a scrappy thugged-out Virginia Tech squad, the SDS dicks decided “Enjoy a good laugh at Tennessee Football‘s expense”.  And by thugged out, I mean the Hokies looked like a undisciplined La Raza hit squad.

So dickstringer Kevin Duffey, author of the sharticle that has zero research about post game celebrations, call Nick Fucking Saban.  Nick Saban says kiss my ass…..





One comment on “The post VT beatdown celebration

  1. What did Kevin Duffey type out with his dick beaters after the Gates collapsed in K-Town?

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