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Gruden is still in play?

Troll?  I know the author of the post below.  He is a masterful and skillful troll. However, he is also “in the know” on many things related to Tennessee athletics. He has not responded to my requests for confirmation of his claims.

This could be nothing more than a well executed troll. Or then again it could be very real.
I will scoot to the edge of my seat and watch for further developments on the Gruden situation.

The text below was lifted from the feelslike98.com forum.

The “E-Group”
I’ll say this: there is a small group of people (VoIlluminati) with various contacts to Gruden and they are 100% adamant that it is happening. These people have actually created a super secret e-group and are in constant communication. I heard why the Chattanooga Times-Free Press decided to blow up on their story and it is legit, so  Times Sports Editor Stephen Hargis has been apparently added to this circle. This circle is feeding the hyper-optimists like 8th Maxim and others. In short, Gruden was as of just recently assembling a staff and telling those close to him to be patient.

The problem I see is the unbelievable amount of manipulation and care that would go into stringing fake candidates along and fooling the media, but this group is clear that this is precisely what’s happening.

So either Dave (Hart) is the GOAT or a goat, because he let Gruden get away.

Cloak and Dagger…Feints and Envelopment’s

According to this group the deal (Gruden) is and always has been done. The rest is a huge and expensive ruse (Fedora, Strong, Gundy). And they explain things like NYC by saying Gruden was meeting with Hart and Cheek.

Well I don’t know. I’m not in the group. But they apparently have connections with the Grudens. But it explains all these people who suddenly have sources everywhere and are positive it’s him.

The key to this is Hargis who had first-hand info that Gruden was assembling a staff. That’s why I said to watch him.

The story would be fascinating to reflect upon if true.

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