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Dooley can’t recruit…SHOCKED

I want Dooley to succeed as much as anyone but the in-state losses are piling up and where there is smoke, there is fire. The fact is our in-state recruits hear about our program the most because of geography, media attention, alumni, etc. If they are turning against us, there should be genuine concern about the direction of our football program.  And maybe, just maybe blogs like LWS aren’t helping the situation. Tennessee Recruiting: But its only July… « Loser with Socks

The facts:

For the 2012 in state class the general consensus was that Kimbrow (Vandy), Jovon Robinson (Auburn), Mathers (Ole Miss), & Jelks (Vandy) were the best prospects in-state.

For the 2013 class in-state class, it’s thought that Ramsey (USC), Elder (not us), Maybin (likely not us), & Carr (TN…but many think he may flip to Ole Miss).

If we can’t win the battle within our borders we won’t win it anywhere else. Heck at this point we’re struggling against Vandy and Coach Milk Dud in recruiting battles and Lane Kiffin might really be Dooley’s daddy.

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