College Football Preview download

The 2012-2013 college football season is just around the corner. Are you ready to find out which teams should be in the hunt for the national championship and the ones who are due for a long season?

STAT ATTACK SPORTS has provided a free copy of our “COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW 2012-2013”. This year’s preview is 450+ pages crammed full of information about every one of the 124 Division 1 football teams.

Preview download link is here

Welcome to Stat Attack SportsCollege_Football_Preview_2012

2 comments on “College Football Preview download

  1. I started to get mad that these guys picked WVU 8th in the Big 12. Then I saw that Bill Stewart is still our coach and a few of our guys have their names spelled wrong. That, and one of our “key losses” barely had any role until the bowl game. I can’t get too mad at stupidity.

  2. I hope angryeer doesn’t see this.

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