Tennessee Recruiting: But its only July…

So the Kentucky loss wasn’t a big deal? This kid[ DE Jason Hatcher commits to USC – On The Trail Blog – ESPN] visited Tennessee three times and only visited Kiffin one time. Does anyone else think that Lane Kiffin owns Derek Dooley?

“Then, there was the monumental collapse against Kentucky in November. The Vols had beaten the Wildcats every season since 1982. Even mom, who says she knows very little about football, took that one to heart.

“The only downside at Tennessee is they lost to U of K,” Donna Hatcher said. “They’re at the bottom of the barrel.”

Jason Hatcher was so displeased that he brought up his concerns with Tennessee’s coaches.

“I told them ‘You lost to the University of Kentucky. You lose to UK, you lose to everybody because UK finishes last in the SEC every year.'”

Wow. VFL Y’all!!! Trust in Dooley.

2 comments on “Tennessee Recruiting: But its only July…

  1. […] Dooley can’t recruit…SHOCKED Posted by Jai Eugene on August 2, 2012 in SEC Football I want Dooley to succeed as much as anyone but the in-state losses are piling up and where there is smoke, there is fire. The fact is our in-state recruits hear about our program the most because of geography, media attention, alumni, etc. If they are turning against us, there should be genuine concern about the direction of our football program.  And maybe, just maybe blogs like LWS aren’t helping the situation. Tennessee Recruiting: But its only July… « Loser with Socks […]

  2. Is this kid and his mom just too stupid to realize that losing to UK is a once in a generation event…akin to a full solar eclipse or spotting a wookalar…

    Fuck him…literally…send Danny Hood to do the job…

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