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Tennessee QB Bray Falls on Sword for the team

Tyler Bray “reaching out” to the victim

The victim, Bradi Hudson, 22, told police the windshield of her 2008 Ford Special had been cracked and the top dented sometime after she parked the vehicle at The Landings, Riverside Forest Way, about 8 p.m. Friday. She saw the damage about 10 a.m. Saturday.

When Hudson saw the damage, she also found a note on the vehicle that stated, “I know what happened to your car.” The note contained the name and phone number for Kirstie Allen, 21, who resides at the Landings. No charges against Vol QB Tyler Bray, roommate in beer-bottle, golf-ball tossing incident » GoVolsXtra

Cast of characters:

Tyler Bray: Face of the franchise, Gunslinger, Pistolero, Leader.
Bradi Hudson: Victim #1.
Kirstie Allen: Witness, narc, and ultimately victim #2
Some other dude with Bray: Former women’s hoops manager or something; Fall guy.

When something like this happens with your team leader and starting QB, at first glance it seems as though Tennessee has serious issues.  Initially I was afraid Dooley would not survive after this season. Bray’s actions are the first sign the wheels are getting put back on!! He has demonstrated mature decisions throughout out this “crisis”.

Yesterday, Bray after hours of personal reflection and soul searching, has decided to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Volunteers. He “reached out” to victim Bradi Hudson and offered to make restitution.

If Bray did the same thing to MY car I’d try to find one of the coaches and handle it internally if I could. Then I’d get an autograph for my kid and go the next day to have it fixed. I want us to win more than the cost of a windshield or justice for something so small. OR I wouldn’t say anything that would risk getting him in trouble. And that I would pay for it myself…

Bray and Dooley are being ridiculed by the drive-by left wing sports media, both national and in Alabama, great men often are, but true fans recognize the service they have given to the school and his team. We can all learn Bray’s maturity and leadership and show our appreciation and love for the Tennessee team as Bray and company prepare to shock the world on 31 August.

As they say down in Athens: “Mark Richt has lost control of this program”.

One comment on “Tennessee QB Bray Falls on Sword for the team

  1. Love the twitter shop. Slight play on words with the Kirstie Allie thing.

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