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SEC Media Days Tennessee Blog with comments

Deer in the headlights!!

(Going with this till I get bored or totally focused with my regular job)
Wrap up of Dooley here

BRAY ON DOOLEY: I love his stories, he understands what we go through. I love him.

Bray on being a Vol: its a great experience, anytime you get to play at Neyland is special. We have great fans, when I run out I get chills

LWS: Dooley is such a good speaker. I love hearing him talk. He tells it like it is and I appreciate that as a fan. He reminds me of Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Bray on year: we need a big year and need to get the state back to where it used to be. Not last in the Conference.

Dooley added that the team looked outmanned last year in the second half and that’s the biggest thing they’ve worked on. Also coaches are looking at making requisite game plan changes based on the opponent at halftime.

Dooley has reiterated he knows he must win. Says it’s past time to talk or sell and that they simply must win. He acknowledged that he needs to build on his signature Cincinnati win.

Dooley: “Our offensive line is eager to go out there and prove what they’re capable of doing.” Not finishing next to last in the NCAA in the run game is a good start

Dooley: “I hope we go out and lay it on the line and take every game into the
fourth quarter. We have a team that’s equipped to do that. Whether we put 11 or 43 on the field for any given play”.

Bray said DaRick just needed some attention and that he is like that sometimes.

Bray to @CSSSports: I can’t wait for NC State. It’s on the players, we have to execute the game plan. We have a lot of talent on both sides I can’t believe we are on ESPNU….

Coach Dooley: “I feel better today than at any point since I’ve been in Knoxville because of the state of our roster”. Now if we could only get commitments from our top in-state players….

Dooley: We certainly feel that we now have a team that can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league. You couldn’t say that the last two years. KENTUCKY

Dooley: It’s not about the first game or the last game. It’s about all 12 of them.” Who did we play in the last game last year?

Dooley: “We’ve made a real commitment to run the ball better this year.” LOL…what was last year’s commitment?

Dooley: “I’m not here to sell. At this point it’s like that old song: a little less talks, a lot more action”. I recommend making timely coaching decisions and some 2nd half adjustments as dictated by the game.

Interesting Bray fact: Never owned a suit while he lived in California and had never been to a wedding. Now he owns a clean black suit. Never had a winning season at Tennessee either

Bray on WRs: For our offense the sky is the limit our guys, Darick, Justin and CP plus Mychal Rivera, I’m excited to throw the ball up. Cause we don’t have a viable running game.

Dooley “For the first time we have a full roster. A full 85 (3 star) guys. We are deeper than we have ever been.”

(Dooley making some strong, confident statements! I dont believe I’ve ever heard him talk this confidently. Awesome!)

Dooley “It’s been a tough 4 years at UT. The SEC has enjoyed taking advantage of that. You’re not going to have UT to kick around anymore.” Did Dooley drop his resignation letter?

Dooley: New playoff system is healthy for college football. ‪we ain’t a factor

Did Dooley only speak for 14 minutes for the national media? Geez. How far Tennessee has fallen…..

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