Tyrann Mathieu + Twitter= Tweetasstrophe

Little Ball of Hate and Ron Brooks

Little Ball of Hate and Ron Brooks (Photo credit: crawford orthodontics)

Oh the diminuative Honey Bugger. Mathieu is going for Titter Dominance. I suspect that Mathieu is someone who is aware of how twitter works, but is still in some way mentally deficient with his use of it. Does he have the Little man complex? Maybe he drives a corvette? Wears a big watch? Let’s take a look.

  • Would like to be taller? Check
  • Misquotes song lyrics to compensate? check
  • Afraid of clowns? Check
  • uses abusive language towards people or entities for little or no reason at all? Check
  • get into fights where they are in the wrong due to arguments that they claim to be right? Check
  • restraints in their strength or physical ability so when they get into a fight (or making a football play), where they are the more vulnerable side they often carry out ‘cheap shots’ for example; hair-pulling, shouting insults, grabbing/squeezing people’s body parts, pinching and biting? Check
  • enjoy showing-off and seeking attention, especially to a ‘group of mates’ by speaking loudly or shouting insults at people when on the phone or social media?  Check
  • exaggerating points to people and lying to make them sound bigger? check
  • promoting their malnourished physique by showing off something they possess? Check
  • Make humorous comments about people that others don’t find funny? Check

In my assessment Tyrann Mathieu suffers from chronic lil man’s complex. He talks, talks, talks about how tough he is. He over reacts to minor or perceived insults. He is desperate to find someone who he can push around so he can show that he isn’t the low man on the totem pole.

From his twitter:

revenge is best served like steak: well done!!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

I AM THE BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! bottom line as humble as i can say it! Stop comparing me, i am a diffrent breed!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

& IM second to no one i play football it doesn’t matter what position i line up at i truly Ball HARD! ask them other players can they do it
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

how about all you sports writers label me overrated till you label me the greatest!is that a deal? Cool!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

i never bite my tongue,….. its called freedom of speech!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

0 TOUCHDOWNS GIVEN UP ON ME last year! 0…………….. I don’t know what y’all call lockdown but thats fairly respected in any Db UNIT!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

y’all better get y’all mind right, i will truly be legend before you write your next article on me!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

but then again these writers ain’t down for you!!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

where I’m from we don’t PLAY THAT!
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

YEAH IM SHORT (5’9) 186! gave up 4 catches in the NATIONAL championship GAME! anything else to lag on Haters?????? i’ll wait
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

Self driven but y’all call it Cocky
— Tyrann Mathieu (@TM7_Era) July 14, 2012

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2 comments on “Tyrann Mathieu + Twitter= Tweetasstrophe

  1. Honeybadger don’t give a shit about what you think of his twitters…

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