Facebook Update: Corn Washington responds to Bobby Nettles and UGA Fans

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UGA fan rips the heart out of a current UGA player via Facebook « Loser with Socks

Is it me or does it seem that Corn Washington’s writing style has suddenly changed ? I don’t think this was written by Wallace. The blurb below isn’t his writing. No way. UGA is in damage control mode.

I have gotten word that my post on Facebook has gotten a lot of buzz over the past week or so and there are a few things that I would like to say: Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions (even all the people who had negative things to say), I am at fault because no matter how I felt I should never have let those feeling get control of my better judgment. I should have kept it to myself and let the entire situation die down. My biggest regret about the whole thing is that it has cause so much disruption amongst the team. I forgot for a minute that I am here to get an education and play football and that pretty much is the extent of my responsibilities. I am not here to complain about the fanatics and for that I do apologize. I am a leader and I care about the guys that I lead. Believe me, I do know and understand that my teammate made a very bad decision and had to face the consequences, but I rather support him than be negative toward him. I rather help him succeed because I saw all the work that he had put in since spring and I was looking forward to seeing him play! The bottom line is that he has moved on and I’m happy he has found a place to continue his career, but the best thing for UGA football is to let this go and move forward positively. I would like to ask all the fans and supporters out there to help us with this by letting it go also. We have to continue to work hard and do our very best to get to Miami like we planned and I want all of you along for the ride.

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2 comments on “Facebook Update: Corn Washington responds to Bobby Nettles and UGA Fans

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  2. You know , the bottom line is that right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no way to candy coat what he did. He made a mistake, more than once, has been given a break more than once, and he did not seem to get that he could lose it all. That’s the difference in a boy, and a man. A boy doesn’t think before he acts, and a man does. A boy doesn’t understand their will be consequences to their actions, a man does. And when you come out and openly disregard the ones who support you the most, the ones who PAY to see you play, well then, don’t expect to get a nice reply. So Mr. Wallace, I suspect that your team, or better yet the coaches has got your mouth on lock down. At least to the public. And no, I am not a UGA fan in the least, but, when i read Nettles response, after your unfortunate response, I felt like I had to comment. I hope in the future, you can have respect for the fact that people who makes mistakes over and over, that they aren’t making mistakes anymore. They are making decisions. Decisions that don’t affect just him. They affect the whole team. There is no I in team Mr. Wallace. He was not thinking about you, or his team, or his coaches when he got into that trouble, so for all of us, why should we give 2 craps about him? A man shows respect, has respect for his other teammates. Period.

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