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Dooley: “Turning this ship around is nothing less than sisyphean”

1-7 in the SEC. Two years under Dooley and whoever-in-the-world-feels-like-slapping-us-in-the-face humiliation…. When the fuck were we ever given dignity and self-fucking-assurance to begin with? Beat Bama my ass.

Let me clear this up, 1-7 in the SEC equates to winning the Sunbelt Conference title. The Sunbelt is not a league of labias….

Only Dooley could have salvaged last season with class and dignity befit of a school that has top tier facilities and a bottomless recruiting budget. His sparkling 11-14 record will soon change, it will likely be 18-18. Do we ignore all of the unorthodox coaching decisions, assistant coaches jumping ship, odd timeout usage, inadequate second half adjustments, and the deer in the headlights stares….I’m sick and tired of what seems to be the whole college football realm being against Tennessee. We have set the bar so high in this league, it seems everyone has turned against us. it seems like no one remembers our victories and only point out the losses.

Last year’s Kentucky game was pretty special. Whipping up on those Wildcats for 3 out of 4 quarters on their own turf was awesome…A sign of things to come. I wonder where the naysayers will be when Dooley turns “it” on versus NCSU August 31st.

And while Dooley Don Quixote Esq. was fighting his windmills behind the microphones, we lost the Kentucky game and nearly lost to Vandy and tens of thousands of Vols fans stopped repping for the Big Orange. Today, many Vol fans sincerely believed that they ratified their humiliation of the of the 2011 season by “”winning”” the next great ridicule; the “Vol for Life” program of VFL! That is what they kept and keep telling us to this very moment: We won!!! We won: no one exactly has the slightest idea what the fuck did we win?

Don’t believe me? Check out this electrifying VFL play versus Arkansas: ESPYS award – SEC Blog – ESPN

I suspect that when Dooley turns this Orange ship around 360 degrees, AD Dave Hart will need to bump up Dooley’s salary to keep him from coaching on Sundays.

Coach Dooley has been dealt a bad hand and he has responded to the best of his ability. AD Hart had it pegged when he likened Dooley to our immortal coach General Neyland. Let’s not lose sight of our goal, a return to glory (8 wins?) by 2016, not an unreasonable goal.

One comment on “Dooley: “Turning this ship around is nothing less than sisyphean”

  1. i want to see those tittys

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