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Dooley “passes” on another in-state QB


The SEC is a great conference, and finishing 8th or 12th in the league is nothing to sneeze at.  Dooley has done a spectacular job in every facet of coaching, most  particularly at not recruiting in-state players that Dooley recognizes as  marginal but other SEC schools covet.

QB Max Staver is  a prime example of the kind of player that Dooley does not want feeding  the orange ceramic dog.  Staver is probably a dud that will “trojan horse” the Gator program. Kudos dor Dooley for sending that torpedo to Gainesville.  I really wish that Staver chooses Alabama.

Brentwood (Tenn.) QB Max Staver picks Florida over Alabama and Auburn – Orlando Sentinel.
“At UF, they tell me that I’m a good quarterback, but they are going to be there to make me better. When I go to college, I want to keep improving on a daily basis and at UF I think I will do that.”….He realizes there is a huge SEC rivalry between UF and Tennessee, but that doesn’t concern the Pennsylvania native, who grew up a Penn State fan. Penn State was not one of the schools courting him, nor was Tennessee, but he had plenty of colleges vying for his services.

I’m happy to see the state producing more d1 talent and happy for the kids.  Rest assured Vol fans Dooley has a plan folks. It is all beginning to makes sense to me now. AD Dave Hart is keeping the program stable and letting Dooley grow into the job. I think of it as ojt (on job training). Let’s just bite the bullet for a while and not look for instant gratification. this is just the low (not the lowest) point in a cycle caused by the wrong doing of previous coaches, boosters and administrators (Mike Hamilton).

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