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Photo Evidence of a hot Bromance at the SEC Meetings

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
from Clay’s Twitter:

Vandy’s James Franklin just absolutely killed it on @3hl1045. He’s the salesman Vandy football needs.
For the record, James Franklin was also disappointed our Wikipedia marriage ended. He blamed me.

“We exchanged phone numbers and became iPhone buddies. We then gamed ‘till the wee hours of the night and suddenly became the Ted and Marshall of Vandy. I wouldn’t sleep 3ft away from anyone else—he’s the nighthawk to my dragon.” James of Vanderbilt

“You know someone is your true friend when you can’t go to bed at the same time without pillow talking until 3am every night. Our friendship consists of hard core gaming sessions, ballin’ up, and our occasional road trips. He is truly my broul mate (soul mate).” Clay of Vandy

  1. Clay has nicknames for his best guy friend. “Milk Dud” isn’t one of them.
  2. Clay spends more time getting ready for his bros’ night out than for a Friday night date.
  3.  They have an power ballad anthem, be it from Journey or Warrant, that they  dub “our song.”
  4.  They take 10 minutes to tell the “hilarious” story about the first day they met (again).

“Clay and James play Xbox while talking on their super-geeky headsets at least five times a week. They email and text funny crap to each other throughout the workday, and his friend comes over for dinner. It’s been a bromance since the day they met. ” –JoRo in Wetumpka

“Not only does Clay write a web blog with his BFF, they go out constantly and love staying out until 4 a.m. every single time. They have invested an inordinate amount of time and cash “manscaping” before every “mancation. Ugh! It makes me crazy!” –augusta in Pikeville

“Clay’s Netflix cue includes only four films: I Love You, Man; Batman & Robin; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; and I Love You, Man. They’re growing identical FUGLY facial hair “to raise money for charity.” Oh yeah, and so they can tag each other’s matching moustaches on Facebook.” Eddie George in Franklin

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