College HOF + Bama Buster= Phillip Fulmer

Looking at Phillip Fulmer’s numbers with Vols–they’re pretty amazing: 152 wins, 6 division titles, 2 SEC titles, and a BCS Title. Let’s not forget that Fulmer was instrumental in getting Alabama put on probation for trafficking in human beings too. Possibly Fulmer’s greatest single contribution to CFB was getting that rampaging out-of-control Bama program under control.

Let’s all eat at Shoneys today to celebrate a the Battle Captain!! GBO

2 comments on “College HOF + Bama Buster= Phillip Fulmer

  1. Phil Fulmer…the anti-Bammeroid…May Tebow bless him eternally…

  2. 6 wins is the new 8 in knoxville

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