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Why WVU Wins the Big 12

Haters say we don’t stand a chance winning it all in a relatively weak conference. Here is why we win it all, I am betting on it with these guys online sportsbook:

Coach Dana is intimate with the league.
The Big East was a tougher conference top to bottom. Making my EERS unblinking in the face of Kansas State, Oklahoma and Texas.
Best WR corps in the nation. All Geno Smith does is throw TDs. A weak defensive BIG 12 conference must make him erect.
The starting 22 of WVU are superior to any starting 22 of the other good Big12 schools

When WVU plays a complete game, we can play with any team in the nation. (See WVU vs. LSU) We had LSU to within a touchdown before Claiborne returned a kick for a TD and took the wind completely out of our sails, then SEC refs came in finished us off. We were a totally different team after that but before, Geno and the team were putting up video game numbers against a great LSU defense.

Unfortunately, WVU is known to play to their opponents level. We can destroy a team like Oklahoma one day, and play down to the level of a Marshall the next. You just never know…how bad we are going to dominate some of those weak defenses. Bet on it…


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