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WVU Wide Receivers are superior

Da'Rick Rogers (21)

Da'Rick Rogers (21) (Photo credit: Tennessee Journalist)

I was listening to Bill King on XM radio the other day as he was  discussing the best WR units in CFB. Ironically, he mentioned 4-5 units. Funny thing, UT was NOT one of them. But he did say that the EERS were top tier.

I have often said that USC (the real one) and WVU were 2 of the top 3 in America, and who would be the other? I guess it wouldn’t be an SEC school…..

I see that jai is really pushing his Da’Rick Rogers agenda hard.  I don’t think that Rogers could start at WVU.  Our players are elite and they don’t have bad attitudes like Da’Rick seems to have.

A Tennessee fan in the office went postal claiming theirs should be #1 or #2 based off past recruiting and potential while bashing WVU’s class as unheralded even though all of WVU’s top 3-4 wr’s were highly recruited and sought after and have results on the field unlike UT’s corps.

Good to see one of college football’s best analyst also supports my claim of WVU having a top-flite WR corps.

Country Roads!!

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