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Bama Messageboard Reaction to Sunseri

I perused some of the Bama message boards for comments and thoughts on the Sunseri hire.  I found the usual “aliens in Roswell” mindset.  TomfromBama is always fun to read for his hate of all things Tennessee and his longterm sphincter pain from the Logan Young era.

A real knee-slapper here:
VirginiaTide57 “I received an email today saying I won $30 million in Kenya lottery! You need to adjust your spam filter so junk mail goes to trash. You’ll feel better not receiving Tennessee trash!”

On the Buddy Green being hired rumor:
ChatBrit: “Thank goodness. From things I’m hearing from Rocky Flop, there is something seriously wrong up there and I am so glad Sal won’t be involved in that garbage. Is this Buddy Green the same one that used to be HC at Chattanooga. If so, TN will still have a serious problem with D”

Lady Crimson” Thank God, Coach Sunseri might has well tied a cider block around his neck and jumped in the Warrior River as to sign on with the disaster taking place at UT!”

Therealpokechop: “In case you havent figured it out Sunseri is not going to and was likely never seriously considering the UT dc job. Position Coach under Saban right now > Coordinator for Dooley.”

twobybc: ” uhhhhh……no. If he goes to the orange puke, just like the barn (and now the who’s), I want them to lose every game. Period. We can be grateful for his time here, but if he goes to a hated rival, then….”it’s on”.”
“It’s a done deal Sal staying at Bama – getting a 3-year extension. It’s gonna be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.6-$1.75 (includes bonus $) total over 3 with automatic escalators for championships. . He will still be Assistant HC/Linebackers.”

After Sunseri is announced to Tennessee:

Bruteenuff “this hurts. He’s such a good coach and such a good recruiter. ”

twobybc: I am shocked, and because he is going to UT, I will never wish him well.
To SS – Thanks for your time at Bama – you did a great job and have a lot to be proud of.
I hope Bama beats the crap out of you every year.

pluckngrit: lance thompson is perfect for ut (slap full of baggage). too bad sunseri’s headed to that inferno of a trailer park. i would say i wish him the best but there’s two schools i (and most bama fans) never pull for and he went to one of them. thanks for all you did coach sal, but i can’t say that i’d even root for you when you play the tiny tot led zips of akron.

bama76: Yeah just like we were suppose to hurt when we lost Steele. No don’t Sunseri was a great recruiter but Saban is the key to this defense and us getting top notch talent on that side of the ball

jasonm: We no longer have one arm tied behind our backs due to sanctions like we did when Feel Fullmore was there. There will be no more UTee streaks. The on the field record is 49-37-7.

bamanc13: NOTHING SUCKS LIKE A BIG ORANGE! (biggrin) 5 in a ROW AND COUNTING! Like another poster said, there will not be any meaningful winning streak for UcheaT against Bama for a very long time to come. Reality dictates that nothing lasts forever, so I know we will drop a game some day to the Ugly Orange, but not anytime in the near future more than likely.

Looking forward to bragging about national championship #14 to some orange clad fans while in Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks! ****Original poster seemed fairly decent, but I just can’t stand TennecheaT.

chiefloincloth: Hate to Hear it….Go To Hell Tennessee

tidelbeautu: I really am baffled by this. More than likely Smart is gone in another year or two tops, Sunseri would have been sitting perfect for the job. By leaving for UcheaT he might have left that door open for his replacement.

DC under Saban at Bama = Future Head Coach

DC under Dooley at UcheaT = Mission Impossible and Career killa!

bammerslamma: Dave Hart’s poaching of our staff is really starting to …. me off.

richvox: Cecil Hurt @CecilHurt 2m Not everyone is happy with the Sunseri move, it seems. “@reggieragland: Wow!!! This man str8 up lied to me”
Wow yeah so that’s not good. Hopefully Saban will get on the phone with Reggie soon.

derek4tide: Well, he is with the enemy now. I don’t cheer for the puke orange and never will. I still do not see how he can coach against his son. Are we 100% sure that Vinnie is staying???

Bamaboxfan: The one good thing about Dooley, Hart and Sunseri at UT. We won’t have to worry about UT officials and boosters trying to destroy the Bama program again

TomfromBama: The one good thing about Dooley, Hart and Sunseri at UT.
We won’t have to worry about UT officials and boosters trying to destroy the Bama program again

moonlamp: How long before they go paranoid and black helicopter mode? They have an Alabama AD who brought in 2 of his Alabama assistants. They have an UGA grad and Saban protege as HC, and now they have a Saban and Alabama coach as defensive coordinator. So how long will it take? They never trusted Bill Battle who was winning, but who couldn’t beat Coach Bryant. If the fans start calling for Dooley’s head, and AD Hart keeps him on, will it be some great big conspiracy again? How often will we hear REC mentioned?

Chad4Bama wrote: Career suicide. I guess he wants to get the “DC” title on his resume…but man, it’s like buying a ticket on the Titanic to learn how to pilot a ship.

tomfrombama: I’d thank him for the great work he’s done and wish him well – in the job he takes after that one. But I can’t wish him well going to that cess-pool of corruption and hatred.

UcheaT athletics is a DUMPSTER FIRE, and Derek (Bless his heart) is only going to be there another year or two MAX. Honestly, there are FEW if any examples I can cite that more clearly reflect the principle of “Karma”.

If Coach Sunseri goes, he will be missed, and I hope he recovers after he loses his job there – and yes, he most certainly WILL be swept right out the door along with Dooley. frown

And I don’t think Hart can control the rabid boosters.

Pocketpitty: Good point Tom. Alabama alumni minus Lance Thompson, wont say anything bad. Thats (3).

Now the problem is if they are successful…* ( whatever that means to them at this point in time), then will they credit Alabama influences ?

On the other hand…if Tenn struggles…cant get it done…then the ” Alabama influence ” Id guess will be given a substantial amount of the accountability…..while trying to get out from under the bus ….biggrin

PS: Is that the kind of sandwich I think it is ?

Hitide: Hope Coach Sal’s defense does well at UcheaT………hope the viles lose every game 3-0.

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One comment on “Bama Messageboard Reaction to Sunseri

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