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EERS – Clemson Thoughts

Happy New Years You bunch of non-bowling/non BCS SEC fuckers! Georgia and Vandy kicked some ass. J/K, they can eat a bowl of dicks. Cincinnati? Hell even Tennessee beat them. And Georgia lost to a Big 10 team? That Richt character looks really dull.  I call that loss to Sparty that a chink in the vaunted SEC “armor”.

In case you queers didn’t know, my Blue and Gold is playing in a BCS Bowl. That’s right. My Conference has an automatic BCS Berth and it is reserved for CHAMPIONS.

Of the 16 ESPN college football analysts, only three – Todd Blackledge, Jenn Brown (photo above) and Lou Holtz – predicted WVU to defeat Clemson. Brothers I feel a mighty EER ‘W’. My EERs 34 Clemson 17. We play better with a chip on our shoulder anyway. Right Bob Stoops?

Country Roads!! And I like Jenn Brown. I would consider marrying Jenn, but I am already betrothed to another…..my blushing bride is WVU football. Till death do us part!!!

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