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Tennessee Football is Mediocre? LOL

From [UT athletic director Dave Hart offers insights | timesfreepress.com] interview with AD Dave Hart: Hart said in regards to the football program that he “wasn’t going to reward mediocrity” and made clear he doesn’t believe in rewarding mediocrity at all. Mediocre doesn’t lose to Kentucky or need OT to beat Vandy.

I like to think of Bama, UGA and Florida like a bags of shit but like bags of shit that doesn’t have any use not like fertilizer. But they don’t lose, and if they do lose they get it fixed ASAP. Know this, Coach Fulmer never lost a #1 ranking. Fuck me, we have two teams listed in this link The 15 Best SEC Teams of the BCS Era | AthlonSports.com.

I remember noting to myself when guys with millions on the line would smoke pot and play goldeneye while eating pizza, while other guys would do homework and go to bed early so they could lift more (Darwin Walker). Do you think playing with fire is something coaches can coach up? Bobby Knights players fear their coach and Bruce Pearls are a mix of love and fear, what about our football coaches? Trooper seems loved, I could not tell you about the others. Do you see that level of respect, of love or of fear that can take someones emotion and put it at another level?

I remember the year we won the NC, Al Wilson was the reason the teams motivation emotionally was increased to the point where people were ready to put their body on the line. What can Tennessee do to bring that back? How can we get that back? A dose of redneck orange and white that is punch in the mouth…..

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One comment on “Tennessee Football is Mediocre? LOL

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