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Occupy Chili’s

Davis is on the right, watching The Battle Captain COACH

Chili’s has terminated former Vol Antone Davis employment. Former Vol and Philadelphia Eagle Antone Davis, was one of three finalists vying for the Season 12 of the “The Biggest Loser”. Maybe Chili’s doesn’t like big black people?

Antone said his boss at Chili’s told him if he didn’t return to work at the restaurant immediately after returning home from the ranch, he would be terminated. He said he tried to negotiate a compromise but failed, and he was terminated shortly before Thanksgiving.

“I really had hoped that Chili’s would embrace my journey and this statement that I’m trying to make of, ‘Hey, I want to gain my health back and gain my life back,’ ” Davis said. “And unfortunately, my direct supervisor felt the need to terminate me. I specifically said to her, ‘I really hope that if I can’t come back into the restaurant that I can at least figure out a way to partner with Chili’s to make the most of this opportunity and the most of my journey, and all I received in return was, ‘You have to come back to work immediately or otherwise be terminated.’ And it just broke my heart because it also means I lose health insurance, and now my kids are at risk and I’m at risk, and it’s a shame.

It is time to organize a protest against Chili’s and their parent company Brinker. Leave a comment on their website here Brinker International Restaurants.

I am sure the Today Show and GMA would love to run with this story. Support Antone. If you don’t, you are not a true Vols or SEC fan.

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