Fire Hiestand?

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Tennessee fans are up in arms over OL coach Harry Hiestand interviewing with Ohio State.  They want to fire his disloyal ass.   I am pretty sure that Hiestand just wants to go somewhere where he can coach offensive linemen to run block without having one arm tied behind his back. I would say something about the unbearable pressure and expectations of Tennessee fans but the Buckeye fans seem to be more stupid.  Remember they ran Kirk Herbstriet out of Columbus with their poon jab tactics. So Hiestand is damned if he does…..

During the course of the season did anyone else notice that the Tennessee OL looked fat and sedentary? Run blocking wasn’t really a strong suit for the Tennessee offense. I think we ended up 119 0f 120 in rushing offense. Really to lazy and don’t give enough of a shit to look it up.

Locker room gossip is that the OL was just a  bunch of pussies that got down on themselves when things headed  south.  This season, shit really sucked bad. So they cried bunches.  So many tears that the tears were used as vaginal lubricant.

All I know is that the red fans don’t jack shit. They  can all parachute out of a C130 and land on my penis tip, then rappel down my cock and set up camp in the forest of my ball hair.

Below is the tweet that sent the Vol rednecks over the edge:

Pete Roussel
I am hearing Tennessee offensive line coach Harry Hiestand will interview with Urban Meyer. bit.ly/sbcB2K #buckeyes

Why anyone would want a coach fired for interviewing makes no sense.  Why would we want a staff of assistants that no one else wants. Great for Hiestand if Urban is interested. I want all our assistants to be desired every year by other coaches or else I would be worried.

Below is a copy/paste of a email that has made the rounds on the internet.  The reds believe that the author is Chad Clifton of the Packers.  Others believe that it is Spencer Riley.  Both of those dudes were old school Tennessee offensive lineman:

Dont care what anyone says. If UT runs off Harry, who are they gonna get? You people dont understand. The Head COACH and OC determines what kind of Scheme that he supposed to be teaching the OLINE. Its not the other way around. Do your research before you blame it on Harry. He doesnt call the plays, and hes not the one that wants to use a Zone blocking Scheme. Hes doing what hes told. Zone blocking is about 70% Pass blocking.

For example, look at the Colts OLINE, they use Zone blocking Schemes, and thats why you dont see their RB getting alot of yards. Indys passing game is based on Timing, same thing that TENNESSEE USES!!!!! On the other hand we use “Hole” Blocking up here. For you people that dont know the difference, then Why are you saying get rid of Harry if you have no IDEA what your talking about, Tennessee uses Zone Blocking with No Pulling and its not Man on Man blocking, meaning they dont get to the second level, so LB’s have free reign to plug any gaps. It doesnt help that the OLINE is BIG AND SLOW. The guards are too big and not quick enough.

Glad I got some time to maybe give you fans some hope. Because unless you have played for an extended amount of time, ABOVE HS, you really dont know what goes on and who pulls whos strings. Harry is doin what hes told to do. Pass the blame to someone else besides a Position coach.


Oh one more thing. Ask yourself this. Why is it that Most OLine coaches in the league stay with the same team for LONG periods of time? Because teaching a Lineman isnt that hard as long as they listen. But its the HC & OC decision to let the position coach know which style that the team is going to run.

If your a finesse team, then you more than likely will run a Zone blocking style with a passing game based on Timing. A Hole scheme, and no since in looking it up on wikipedia, is for a smash run team with play action and good TE’s. Like I said about INDY, they use a Zone that is made for timing passes, look at their winning % rite now, not too good is it?

Now, look at a team, UMM like the Pack, we run the ball and throw it all around. we use a combo of Zone and Hole schemes. Watch when Indy’s Olinman run block, they stand up, guess just like who. THE VOLS.

So, just to end my RANT, please Vols, if you dont know what your talking about then dont bash a guy that doesnt deserve it. The man is as hard of a worker that you will ever find. He was one of the BEST olineman coaches that has ever coached football. Coached PRO-BOWLERS. So, if you say that hes garbage like Ive seen on older post, then your not really that intelligent. Just wish that people would stay off harry A**, no wonder hes pissed, hes tired of the blame getting pushed onto the positions coaches by Fans that dont really understand the whole situation that goes on, behind the scenes. So, Please guys cut harry some slack, because your not going to get a better O line coach.

Not gonna happen.


Q: So you’re basically saying that because we’re zone blocking a lot, we shouldn’t get any yards whatsoever? Or are you saying that this isn’t Harry’s fault and we should get rid of Dooley and Cheney instead?

Neither, Im saying that Everybody is always on Harrys butt for the play of the OLINE. Unless you know what it takes to Run block out of a Zone scheme, then dont bash the man. We are NOT a running team. We are a Timing, Passing team that needs to run alittle bit to keep the Defense honest.

But at the end of the day, fans need to realize that Players, current and former, we look at forum boards on
occasion. I have talked with several former players over the years and most of them say the same thing. That our fans are some of the best when we are winning. We we arent winning, we have some of the worst fans.

Take this for example. We have a team coming in next year the aggies, you watch their games, weather they are winning the game or not, those stands ARE PACKED OUT. When Tn doesnt even play a decent team, it may be 60% full. Thats SAD TENNESSEE.

Ive played games when we would get spit on by our own Fans. And there is alot of fans that way on this Forum. Just wish I could have talked to some of those FANS “IN Person”. They wouldnt have spit on 340lbs in person. Just saying give the coaches a break. Its gonna take time, and if it takes too long for some fans then go cheer for somebody else. IF YOU BLEED ORANGE, THEN YOU BLEED ORANGE.

Q: Country Orange, do you feel Dooley, Chaney, and staff will seriously consider changing our blocking scheme this off-season due to our lack of running game or stick with the current scheme?

Well that depends on the overall scheme. I think that entering the season, the coaches saw that we would be able to pass the ball real well, even if we couldnt run the ball. So adapting to a Zone scheme would keep Bray under “MAX” protect so he could hit his timing routes with his receivers. But that lessens your ability to run the ball effectively. When you have 2 WR’s with GREAT potential and a solid TE in Rivera, and he has ability too, you tend to play to your strength. Our strength was protecting Bray, hitting the WR’s with dump passes to our RB’s and some crossing patterns to Rivera, with just enough of a running game that would keep the defense honest.

Now, with Hunter and bray hurt, it limits you to Rogers, and several Freshman WR’s, Rivera and the OLINE now being told that we are going to run the ball. Now they have to adjust to getting off the ball with force and leverage. Thats not easy to do when you have 4 sophs and 1 junior, that for the majority of their time on the hill they have been taught to “MAX” protect the QB. TRUST ME, it would be different if you had 4 juniors and 1 senior that could adapt and change blocking schemes.
When you gain experience, you gain the ability to play to your strengths when a crucial part of your team gets hurt or you have to change your game plan when a opposing defense changes its scheme. You can adapt.

One more thing, TN’s entire system is just year and half into it. Some teams, GA, BAMA, LSU, have been in the same system for 4 or 5 years and you can tell on game day. Thats why you see mistakes made during games is that they are still adjusting to changing schemes. Like I said before, look at the colts, lost peyton, he is their ENTIRE SCHEME. He dictates what they do on offense. Now they are trying to run the ball because peyton is hurt, and do they run the ball well? NO. Same thing with TN. they are a passing team that is having to adjust to using a different scheme. Its going to be rough and even though MOST of you guys wont agree or want to say “IM tired of the Excuses”, its not excuses, its the way it is.

Now, next year, with the pass blocking Technique down pretty good, they will focus on Blocking Technique. It takes time, you just dont learn it from week to week. You can get better at it, but alot of guys coming out of HS, are either Run blockers or Pass Blockers, and it looks like Most of our guys were more involved with passing offenses. I may be wrong about that, but from what it looks like, they dont know how to run block just yet. BUT, in the off season, I bet Harry has them run blocking most of the time. Also, getting in shape, most of yall will thnk its easier to run block than pass block. NOT TRUE. Run blocking takes a couple of years to master.

In the league, you look for left tackles that can pass block, but all the other positions on the line, you try and find ROAD GRADERS. Its easier to learn to pass block because you wait for the defender to come to you. Run Blocking you have to get leverage, drive, and beat your man, everytime you run the ball. Have to worry about getting to the 2nd level, hitting a Faster, more agile LB. Its tough. Ive been doing this for years and Im older and I look back at what all I have learned and its alot to take in. In most cases, it takes 3 to 4 years to really be a “GOOD” lineman. There is guys in the league that came into it with all this hooplah about hes ready to play rite now, he gets here and gets his A** handed to him.

All Im saying is, yall give Harry time and he will have those young lineman WHOOPING the other guys. There is one guy that Im really excited to see, that Tiny, that kid has size, quick feet and he is a ROAD GRADER NOW. The reason he doesnt see playing time, is that he is still learning to Pass block.

Q: Then what’s the solution? We can’t continue on without any kind of run game at all. Something has to change because what we are doing isn’t working.

Its going to be a long process. Thats just how it, is. And I dont blame the fans for being upset, but when its a uphill battle and you dont have the depth or the experience to be able to run the ball consistently, its hard on the fans. I wish they could waive a magic wand and make it work. But like I said, when you base your scheme on throwing the ball, then you try and change that mid-season, and against SEC powers, don’t get your hopes up too high. Because when it doesn’t go our way, the the fans will just be mad again and start looking to blame someone.

And yes, they ran the ball OK last year. But they had to, because they couldn’t really throw it like they did this year. Now they have to go back to trying to run the ball. When you go from throwing the ball around to trying to run and the inexperience that the Oline has, its a hard transition. If they had more starts and experience and DEPTH, it would be easier. Plus the guys on the line look out of shape. TOO BIG, inside. The guards need to be alittle lighter and shorter to get leverage. But it also comes down to play calling. Ever notice that we dont run traps, or any misdirection plays? Thats partially because the guards are too slow to PULL. They need to fix that. They need to run plays like that, because it keeps the D off balance. It will get them running every which way.

OH, one more thing, the RB’s dont help much either. They dont hit the hole like they should. There is too much stutter stepping, they just need to hit hole. They can break arm tackles, especially when a lineman has his hands on the would-be-tackler. I have noticed too many times that the back just stops. Or he tries to bounce it outside. You cant run east-to-west on SEC opponents. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I noticed on MULTIPLE plays that there is a small hole, but they think its too small and they go outside. They are really lacking in vision as well. I dont know if they even have a running back coach? That would really help. ALOT.


Brother I dont know everything, but Ive played my fair share in the trenches and on WINNING and Losing teams. Fans want results NOW, its not gonna happen and then people want coaches heads to roll. If that happens then you just start from zero again.

Now, if we cant run the ball next year and we still look “LOST” then we wont have any excuses. We will have experience, Depth and battle scars on the O-Line. They will be in better shape, and will know alot more about
Technique. But, I still say that we need to start Tiny at either of the tackle spots and run behind him. Ive watched his HS game film several times and he is a ROAD GRADER. He looks like a ALL-AMERICAN Tackle in the years to come. Look at his quick feet, small ankles, and LONG ARMS. Thats is a Tackle in its finest form. Hes not starting because he hasnt gotten down the Pass protection just yet. But, if we ever get a big lead, put him in and just run off his back side. If he learns to Pass Protect, this kid is gonna be a MONSTER.

One other prospect that I noticed by watching his game film, is Clear. That kid could be a GREAT LINEMAN. I would put Clear at Left Tackle because of his burst, frame, and then I would put Tiny at Right Tackle. Clear just doesnt understand that Left Tackles make ALOT more MONEY than TE’s do. Just ask Whitten lol


They also based their scheme on running the ball, last year. This year they have adapted to passing the ball. They have held their own against some decent defenses. Now with the injuries they have to try and take some pressure off Simms and try to run the ball.

Now, good SEC teams, can do alittle of both, run and pass, but once again, Youth and depth are going to play a MAJOR roll in that. Its hard to change up and try to pound the rock and do alot more PLay action, instead of passing the ball 70% of the time. Thats a BIG CHANGE. But Once more Im sounding like thats just more excuses. But its the truth. Just like when we changed OC a couple of times from Cutty, the playbook changed and it was ALOT to Take IN. Im talking pages and pages of plays. Multiple sets, multiple reads, multiple blocking assignments. ITS TOUGH. But when your in the same system for 3-4 years it gets ALOT easier. You get accustomed to plays being called. You kinda know what to expect during certain down and distance. There was several times that I knew what we was gonna run, before we even ran it. It takes time to get used to the way a OC calls plays. You can have 5 or 6 different looks, while running the same play. Its just a different way to execute that play.

Do yall realize how thick a play book is? Even one in College is a THICK BINDER, and when you have youth on the line, at WR, inexperience at TE, you have to limit yourself in the amount of plays that you call. There is no sense in calling plays that you may have practiced a handful of times only to see it turn into negative yards.

Its gonna take time, I keep saying that. There is nothing else that I can say. Look around the Nation and find a team as young as TN, and as depleted of Talent and lets see who you come up with. Auburn? Fla? Those teams win more games because of the system they run. Auburn runs a version of the spread. They have great speed at skill positions and even though they are young too, they have more depth. Fla? They run a spread some too, and they have more depth and are loaded on Defense. Didnt they have on of the best recruiting classes 2 years ago, EVER?

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