One of you SEC Dudes Please Explain Virginia Tech?

Seeing that y’all seem to have the BCS invite system completely dicked. Nevermind that Alabama doesn’t need to play for the NC. Then VT gets in the mix. First, I accept we got in as the winner of a weak conference but those were the rules.

However, how could VT get an at large berth to the Sugar Bowl. Their schedule is ridiculous. They have not defeated a single team that is currently ranked and were blown out twice (at home and at a neutral site) by Clemson, a team that would never have gotten an at large berth.

Their OOC schedule was Appy St., AR St., East Carolina and Marshall !

I hope Michigan beats them by 50! Speaking of Michigan. Who let them in? Ahead of Boise and Kansas State? Really?

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4 comments on “One of you SEC Dudes Please Explain Virginia Tech?

  1. Simple…VT will sell more tickets and travel more fans than Boise State or K-State. Same with Michigan (and Stanford, for that matter.)

  2. It’s called “money”. BCS ends after announcement of it’s game and then comes the “free for all”…or ” money for us” is more appopriate.

  3. The only reason for VaTech to be included is that Title IX demands that the chicks get a chance at a BCS bowl, too.

  4. I agree with Dub.

    The Bowl system is predicated on which school can draw.

    Why the hell else would Florida be playing in a January bowl this season? They lost six damn games.

    There’s only one game worth watching this post-season and that’s the national championship game, in which many dispute its participants.

    I don’t have too much of a problem with Virginia Tech playing in a bowl game that matters, when like I said, only one of them really does.

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