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Post Kentucky Monday Morning Meltdown

The following copy/pastes are taken from various Tennessee Football Message Boards like Scout, Rivals, VolsBitch, feelslike98 and Outermonvolia. I waited a 24 hours post-Kentucky to gather them. I wanted to wait until the initial shock of the this inexplicable loss had a time to soak in.

These posts are not as sexy as game time meltdown posts….but you get the gist.

Bill King on 24/7 stating Vol Nation totally against Dooley by 80/20%
OHIO STATE gets it…………….you get what you pay for…They put up big $$$ for a coach. We spend 2 million for a guy that has a losing record in the WAC. They go out and pony up to get the biggest Free Agent on the block. We sit back with a 100,000 seat stadium and settle for mediocrity. It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol.

8 SEC games ZERO!! points in the 3rd quarter

lets fire that non-coaching son of a bitch! we lost to KENSUCKY by god.

I can’t believe someone is critical of the job Dooley is doing. Anybody that wants to fire the career loser who currently has us at 11th in the conference is a cocksucker. If’n they only had the same Buddhalike patience I possessed, they’d be able to see that the talent gap will be closing soon regardless of what the scoreboard will tell us! YippeeKiyay Motherfuckers!!!

Dooley looks like a beaten man on the DD show…Pity party by the slick lawyer…………

Being in my line of work I have been around damn good leaders and shitty leaders for the past 9 years. Dooley is a manager, but he sure as shit is not a leader. I don’t believe he has a feel for the game, and at times looks lost and panics. Him being 0-24 when tied or trailing at the half only means one thing, he can’t adapt. Moreover, him not taking responsibility for a loss and pinning it on the kids is not excusable. Austin Johnson is right (not like he sacked up and was a leader), but there are a lot of individuals on this team it appears. All that “Ima get mines” BS attitude. These players don’t know what right looks like, haven’t been taught it, and that’s the tragedy.

EVERYONE REMEMBER; we r young!! After 2 years of play when do we grow up?

Shula 2.0???

Still waiting for him to take personal responsibility for this performance, and saying “This will NEVER happen, again while I am UT’s coach.”
Still have not heard that. He seems to have a problem taking responsibility for his horrible coaching decisions.

Reality may be setting in on him to some degree. Reality that he is in over his head. Just hanging on taking the money at this point as Fulmer did at the end. My guess is that he would welcome a buy out.

If you blame yesterday on Kiffin and Fulmer, You “DONT GET IT”. You dont need a great SEC Roster to beat a terrible UK team with a WR playing QB. That excuse works with UGA, UF, USCe and Bama. To blame yesterday on anyone other than these coaches and players is ridiculous.

Do the players even like playing for dooley? seems like there isnt a great relationship there and you don’t read too much about them being complimentary of him. seems like he is critical and always throws them under the bus

he verbally beats players down in the public media.. IMO DD is a big piece of Shit that needs to head back to GA.
UT is better than that. How in the heck to you build off that

“I understand that firing him means another step back, but this guy is never, ever going to get it done here. This is Tennessee. Tennessee. Unbelievable that this guy is our coach.”

36-0 USC………I’m missing the Lane Train. Would we be 5-7 with him at the helm? I say no.

Yes. I would rather cheat for recruits, win some big games, and suffer consequences later than watch the shit I watched this year.

1-7..and Dooley has now lost to a team to whom we weren’t supposed to lose. Just stew on all that for a while. Screw the whole freaking athletic department at the University of Tennessee and the people who let it get in the shape it’s in. To HELL with all of them.

On one shoulder is the orange dog… nd he tells me to be patient and wait for next year when we get Hunter and Lathers back and our guys get more experienced. And on the other shoulder is the red dog and he tells me just look at this fucking disgraceful performance, acknowledge how far this team has regressed, and give up on Dooley. Gonna be a long off season.

The orange dog just got his nuts bit off.

Stick the orange dog and all the rest of your cutesy, new wave crap up your ass, Dooley. Worst coach and staff in the HISTORY of UT

Dooley is a natural born loser. Losing finds him like heat seeking missile.

Ole Miss would skull fuck this team

UK was going to fire Joker Phillips after this game. You can’t fire the man who broke the streak!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You have to renegotiate his contract!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

* Derek Dooley’s record at Tennessee is 11-14.
* DD has only covered the point spread 1 time in 16 SEC games and that was against Vandy in overtime this year.
* DD has lead Tennessee to the second worst beating in its history last year against Oregon at home and its second worst beating in the SEC this year against Arkansas.
* DD has never beaten a top 25 team.
* DD lead Tennessee to its first ever 7 loss SEC season
* DD lead Tennessee to a last place SEC East finish this year
* DD went 6 games without scoring a second half point this year
* DD’s Tennessee team this year became the first in school history to fail to win a game on the road.
* DD watched as Tennessee got outscored by more points in total this year in the SEC than they have in their history – so games were not usually close.* DD lead the Vols to the lowest home attendance since the stadium expanded to 100,000. Which tells you about the economy and about the excitement of this team to watch I believe. * DD is now 0-14 when trailing at the half…ggggghhhh.

THESE ARE JUST THE FACTS FOLKS. So to me, it seems that Dooley is leading us in a lot of firsts, unfortunately, they are all negative firsts. That is why it is hard for me to have confidence in him. I just see absolutely nothing to be confident about.

Dooley got as little as was possible out of this team this year. I think it is just a matter of time until his hapless ass is heading on down the road. Unless he totally remakes himself and his staff he has no chance of success.

That game will be placed right there at the top as one of the worst coached. Hell this season will go down as one of the worst coached. Dooley is not a college football coach, he is a lawyer. Give him his buyout and let him go lawyer.

When you go to Ruth’s Chris for a steak, you don’t want a slab of meat from the Golden Corral. It’s time Dave Hart go get us a Prime Grade A Strip!

Mickey Dearstone said message board people were the ones who wanted and got phil fulmer fired. We all know that OM played a huge part in that, so all this shit is our fault. Said none of us knew what we were talking about and needed to shut up.

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One comment on “Post Kentucky Monday Morning Meltdown

  1. It’s nice to see your own post up here…
    UK was going to fire Joker Phillips after this game. You can’t fire the man who broke the streak!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You have to renegotiate his contract!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Congrats ElCon!!!

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