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Vanderbilt Fans:

First off, this Saturday y’all are playing The University of Tennessee, the alpha wolf of college football in the State of Tennessee. We are not some 2nd rate team from some backwards conference. Despite having an off year, Tennessee is still among the elite of college football. The best. We have a tradition that goes back a long way. We have so many National Championships, so many bowl wins, SEC Championships, high national rankings, etc…and quite honestly Vanderbilt, you don’t have squat.

Understand that with that kind of resume comes respect. We expect the kind of respect that can only be earned. Tennessee fans carry that respect whether we are at home or on the road and a few things need to be understood. When you, James Franklin, Clay Travis and the rest of the Vandy bandwagon bootlickers roll into Knoxville you are going to see one of the movers and shakers in all of college football and the Vol fans are no exception.

First, there will NOT be any yelling in my ear during the game. I damn well don’t plan on having some trust fund baby from a lesser school like Vandy yell in my ear. I will ask you one time to stop and no more. I don’t mind clapping but this incessant yelling is out. If you continue then I will take a physical solution that you will not like. I will NEVER provoke but if you guys think that yelling in my ear is gonna be tolerated you are in for a big surprise. Same thing for the nanny that is watching over your snow-flake kids. Sure, they can be there but keep them out of my area and keep them quiet. If you cannot control your brats then you will be held responsible and I will take matters into my own hand. We don’t put up with that crap in Knoxville and I will embarrass you front of your frigidly snobbish wife and offspring. Be warned ‘Dore, you won’t enjoy it.

If I have to go to the restroom I don’t wait in line, I go to the front. This is an area where I have encountered some problems before so I am just making it clear now. A Tennessee fan has earned the right to not wait in some bathroom line and we choose to not do it. If you have a problem with this you had better go to a restroom one where Tennessee fans are not in. If you do decide to make an issue out of it then be prepared to face a physical solution. Ditto for concessions. We go to the front of the line. Not out of spite or to try to show you up. It is all about showing respect for the greatest teams of yore folks, the Tennessee Vols. GBO.

Again, if you have a problem with any of this I advise you to keep away from me
or the Tennessee contingent. I am very upfront and honest when I tell you that it ain’t nothing for me to up and kick a man’s ass. Done it several times and I’ll do it again if pushed. NEVER will I provoke, though. It is YOU that determines my actions and ultimately your fate. If you understand where I and the Tennessee folks are coming from and what is expected then we will have a great time and no problems will ever arise.

Derived from the following: I am Alabama « Loser with Socks and Dawgs Gone Blog.com: “We demand respect. Some rules for Arizona St. fans”.

31 comments on “Vandy Fans: DO NOT PROVOKE ME

  1. Lol, no. Us by 17. Count it, hick.

  2. just make sure you get the fuck out of my way in the restroom, trust fund baby

  3. would you like me to link the Ok. St. site or the ASU site 20oz posted on???

    Wow, can’t believe you took credit for this… Man up Asshole… SMH…

  4. Sure I’m cool with it. All we had was a copy paste from an email. Would love to link it.

  5. Send me the link….or smd

  6. So you weren’t gonna mention you got it from a third party?? Sounds a little Danaish or Derrickish to me but it’s your blog…Run it how you want too…

  7. Can’t cite a source without knowing the source. Plus I really don’t give a shit. If you have the original, then send it and quit crying like a bitch. or gtfo

  8. Boom Motherfucker….lol…

  9. Done, hope LSU rapes your ass in Atlanta

  10. Wow….this guy has beautiful balls

  11. Then he changed my post…..what a fucking loser…..just like his team. The one Vandy is going to destroy.

  12. Remember when the Vols were relevant?

  13. Signature win a coming

  14. Dallas is a little testy. Must have recently broken up with his boyfriend.

  15. So, he links the original post you stole and posted as your own, then you delete it? You are a piece of work, aren’t you? The least you can do is man up and say this is not your work. That you used another’s words as your own.

    EPIC FAIL!!!

  16. Dullard, its in the body of the post. A direct link.

  17. Hey dawgs, looking through the archives, look what I found http://wp.me/p21He-3qB

    The link above is a year older than the link you provided. Maybe he stole it?



  18. Sorry Dawgs, I can’t help but laugh at your weak ass trolling.

  19. When was Georgia’s last NC? I’m having a hard time remembering.

  20. Sorry, but when a guy on his own blog starts deleting threads that he asked a poster to post because he was being accused of stealing someone else’s work is all I need to know about his integrity.

    And, yes, I see the amended story with the now newly added proper reference, but still does not excuse deleting the post that he asked the guy to post in the first place showing him how he took another’s words and tried to pawn them off as his own.

    Really pathetic, if you ask me.

    And, really? You think popping off about UGA’s last MNC is hurtful? Lord, really??? And then you go pop off on Sadovin’s calling attention to the fact that the Georgia fans on here got owned?

    You truly are special, aren’t you?


  21. I asked for the link. I posted it inside the blog post. That link, oh by the way, was from 2008. Funny, I had a post from 2007 (linked in the post) that was almost the same exact post, but the school mentioned was Alabama, not UGA.

    I chuckle at all of you butt hurt dawgs. You think that you busted this blog, but in reality it seems that your boy was a year later. Where did he copy it from?

    Keep the traffic coming.

  22. Not my boy, and could care less where the story originated from, as it is a fairly stupid story, don’t you think? Respect is earned, never taken or forced.

    My problem was you asked for a source, then you deleted such when provided. Why not leave it in the remarks?

    Why wasn’t the story originally treated as from another source and simply cited as such? Not trying to bust anyone’s Blog. Just thought the antics to be a bit peculiar, is all. Hell, I borrow stuff from many folks, folks who can be more creative than me, that is for sure, but I will always give them credit. It is something this article talks about, it is called “respect”.

    Anyway, glad you cited the source, whether it was UGA based, Alabama based, or as I am sure, written for some other purpose and was poached to fit someone’s purpose. Kind of like LSUFreek adding his touch to those videos on edsbs.com. It is okay to poach, just cite the source and don’t act like it is original. But that is just me.

    Nonetheless… I bid good day. Cheers!!!

  23. You 3rd in the SEC east finishing “DAWGS” ought to relish in the fact that it takes an down UT and Florida year for you all to have a shot at the SEC title game. Hope your RB’s are elibible.

  24. Dear Lord. You simply can’t be that dense. This has to be a horrible troll. Horrible.

  25. Mark Richt owns the SEC East………..when the SEC East is HORRIBLE. It’s a shame Florida got rid of Ron Zook.

  26. This style is from message boarder 20ozbulldog. He started sending out this open letter years ago to all UGA OOC opponents. Really struck a cord with WVU fans on the message boards back in the day. It was pretty funny. OOC fans would threaten to kick his ass and he would reply with how much he could bench and how big his arms were. It’s really entertaining to watch him work.

  27. No matter. Jai beat their dates on their links. Love beating up UGA fans, especially when they are being stupid

  28. “especially when they are being stupid”…Heh, redundant much?

  29. The first comment in this thread talks about his jabs with WVU in 2005.

    The first time I remember the “respect” open letter going out on the message boards was when Boise State came to Athens in 2005. Then another letter to to WVU that same year.

    2005 remnants here:

    The funniest part is all of the dummies think he’s serious as he baits message board hacks multiple battles. People can’t handle it.

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