Arkansas Punt Return vs Tennessee: It’s a “process” People

Goodness what an amazing punt return. The Arkansas players makes all 11 Vols miss him. Heck it may have been 13 Vols on the field. All of us know that Tennessee sometimes exceeds the number of players allotted on the field during a game. I submit to you that Tennessee is playing this way on purpose. It is a long term strategy that involves a media blitz that also includes sexy soundbites like:

*Look at the mess he inherited
*look at all the freshman we started

Who’s Winning the Media War in the SEC? Right now Dooley is winning. He continues his unmatched mastery of the press—getting them to slavishly advertise the product of Tennessee football. I only hope Dooley knows when to “call off the dogs” and win a ballgame. I trust Dooley to do the right thing and win six games and get us to a bowl game. If he doesn’t I fear that ESPN will eventually be labeled as “biased” towards Tennessee and Dooley.

Calculated: Undertaken after careful estimation of the likely outcome
Loss: the act or an instance of losing

Coach Dooley’s Vol for Life (VFL) and “Calculated Loss” strategies continue to pay dividends and accrue interest that is compounded daily. In “losing” to #8 Arkansas last night, Tennessee made a statement to the rest of the SEC: The key to winning championships is to finish strong.

As with the other “calculated losses” to ranked SEC foes, ESPN played the game highlights over and over again. Where else could a team get more pub than from ESPN? The Arkansas “loss” may have be the apex of Dooley’s plan. The Vols were involved with an unprecedented #1 and 2 Play of the Day against Arkansas, an absolutely a brilliant stroke of strategic media dominance. What most ignorant fans and members of the media are missing is that Dooley is winning the Recruiting Battle. Those recruits see the Vols on ESPN and intuitively recognize that playing time as a freshman will be bountiful. Current players are getting noticed by NFL scouts and future prospects see that the Vols are “national”. A win win proposition.

Dooley, who almost always plays his cards close to the vest, had this to say after Tennessee’s 6th straight SEC “loss”:  

“We trained hard . . . but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while portraying confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization. We are a better football team than what we saw out there today. We are a lotfurther along now.”

See, coach knows what kind of talent we have…he was just holding back for Vandy game!

So what if Dooley looked somber and despondent? So what if it looked like the players and coaches looked like they they quit? It is all of the plan. Does anyone remember when Bama lost to ULM? What happened next? Saban ripped off some mind-blowing recruiting classes on his way to a BCS NC. Dooley is taking a page straight out of Saban’s program building playbook. It’s a process people.

Look at this video. Does anyone really believe that the Vol DB was clueless about the ball being in the air to the receiver he was covering? Look at the DB. He seems completely lost. That my friends takes quality coaching to pull off a display of incompetence. Dooley has a plan people.

I applaud Coach Dooley for ensuring that nobody in the country got more camera time Saturday than the Tennessee Vols. He is a revolutionary in the business of college football. He’s the best young coach in America!!! He believes in this school, this University and this program. He is MY coach. And all of you people turning your back on him and them now shouldn’t have the right to call yourselves Tennessee fans.

Suck ‘it’ Clay Travis.

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2 comments on “Arkansas Punt Return vs Tennessee: It’s a “process” People

  1. Well after two players got a second chance to get him, you could say that was 13 missed tackles..

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