Tennessee Recruiting Update: Cody Blanc


On Tennessee Vol commitment Cody Blanc.

I posted the paragraph below on a couple of Tennessee Vols Message Boards. It is pulled from the NRC, my cousin is a high school coach in the Chattanooga area and gave me access to their data. The NRC is privately owned recruiting evaluation program. One scout favorably compared Blanc to HOF Safety John Lynch.. Many of you will scoff at this assessment, I am merely pointing out that are many people that do talent evaluation for a living and their unbiased opinion on Blanc is a bit different than yours. I have not seen Blanc play in person, only on video. I am not a talent evaluator. I watch with interest at your distaste for this kid. It is amusing to say the least.

Copy/Paste from NRC

Not the biggest or fastest player in this class, but may be one of the more savvy and instinctive. Blanc simply finds the ball and make plays. His anticipation skills are excellent helping to mask his adequate speed. Lacks ideal height and length but has a solid build with good functional strength. In coverage, he does a good job reading the quarterback, route development and timing his break on the ball. Transitions out of pedal with good quickness and direct angles. Closes with good burst and can accelerate to under or over the top of routes when defending his deep zone. Ball and tracking skills are good. Ability to time his jump accurately and close the cushion fast with good explosion makes him a big hitter and an intimidating presence over the middle. This guy can make the tempo changing collision or force a turnover. A great tackler who takes proper angles on the ball carrier, wraps up in textbook style and will strip the ball as good as any.

Message Board rants:
* The only reason 90% of you “protect” or “defend” Blanc is because he is an instater. If he werent from TN. The ‘what if’ game can go both ways and i personally would love to see a 4.4 timed forty, because his film doesnt look the part. He plays against garbage competition, its a joke. He is everything to his team and still cant put up the numbers or create the game film to garner attention. there is a reason he isnt on anyones radar besides Vandy, Tenn Tech…and VaTech for offense.

* Scout team

* LMAO at Blanc playing RB in the SEC

* He would def be the first guy I would think to be told to look elsewhere. And if you don’t think that is valid, ur homerism is blinding you. He is the lowest rated guy on our board w weak offer list.. he doesn’t have a true position which makes him seem expendable..I know he camped and was offerd blah blah blah. Fact is regardless of where he is from he is still the lowest rated guy on our board period.

* Blanc’s problem, regardless of his talent and what our coaches have seen of him and have evaluated him, are that he is a the sterotypicial “white boy that can’t run, with no talent” guy that is a local kid.

*  The board moderators at VolNation are pussies.

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2 comments on “Tennessee Recruiting Update: Cody Blanc

  1. D. Mobley before Blanc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tyler Maples II

  2. Just looking at the kid I’m pretty sure the evaluation on his talent is strictly based on Madden ’12. No way this kid plays real football.

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