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Skull Session: Louisville

I know most of you SEC queers are happy that my my EERs were upset by Louisville. I spent the last couple of evenings reviewing the game film.  I don’t really think I want to discuss the Penn State stuff.  Nasty situation.  I am going to talk about a ray of sunshine:  WVU Football.

I suppose I’m not the only one having some questions- without “knocking” the staff:

Why have we not seen more improvement/development at receiver?
Granted our gameplan is to “take what the defense gives us”, but what if we can’t because of lackluster WR play overall? Would this not predicate adjusting our playcalling accordingly? “Dance with the one that brung Ya”??

How are we so mediocre (at best) on special teams when we recruit so well for all other positions?

Why can’t Geno Smith, who seems to “lock in” on a receiver and not “check down/up”?

Again I’m not calling anyone out, just asking and stating an observation:
I watched A FOOTBALL LIFE: Tom Landry on NFL network- I highly recommend the series if no one has seen this outstanding show.

But the one consistent knock on Tom Landry- even from players who loved him was- the SYSTEM was always more important than the players

I know the PROCESS is for the players development as players and people
But are our coaches maybe a little too inflexible with our SYSTEM to adjust to current personnel?

As for the defense: The problem with the Defense is not with the scheme. It is the effort put forth by the players on the WV defense. This is been a recurring theme in the last 3 games. Some players are goldbricking. Some players are not reacting to their keys quick enough and are a step behind. Some guys take awful pursuit angles to the football. This group needs to play with fire and emotion. They need to make the effort to have all 11 guys around the ball on every play running at full speed.


COLLEGE PARK, MD - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback G...

Oddly, still throwing more TDs than ints....

also sick of seeing our defenders throw shoulders into RBs and WRs like they are the second coming of Ronnie Lott.

This one is the coaching staff for not teaching football the Mountaineer way and not preaching form tackling. These kids are going for knockout blows to get on ESPN rather than wrapping up.

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