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Tennessee Offensive Line Coach Harry Hiestand knows how to do his job people.

Recently Tennessee Offensive Line Coach Harry Hiestand  has been catching a lot of flak on Tennessee Message Boards over the perceived poor Tennessee offensive line performance. Keep in mind that the following comments are from fans that are blissfully ignorant about football or are Bama sleeper agents  that are posting on Vol message boards in order to divide the Vol fan base.

“Hiestand knows the game. But he cannot relay that knowledge to young men. At the college level, the basics are still being taught. He has failed to do that, IMO. Dooley has to make a change, and get a college guy in here. Look at the results on the field. We have seen zero improvement from these guys.””the o-line sucks when it comes to run-blocking, so Coach H should be held responsible for that.”

“Fact: 119 out of 120.”

:Typical…Pathetic…This is not a TEAM…Just a bunch of guys wearing the same uni’s. Please spare me the “we are young and inexperienced” bulls**t. WELL COACHED teams will perform better than this even in rebuilding years.”

“Hiestand couldn’t coach dick”

“Simple logic and math tells you that Hiestand is only doing 50% of his job, which is to teach our O-line how to block — both pass block and run block. Again, I gave no reason why he was not teaching both, and just noted the fact that he was not.”

“Our running game, or lack of, is a combination of inadequate RB’s and an OL that is not aggresive or mean enough. An Olineman can be a great pass blocker but if they don’t have a “mean” streak their run blocking will suffer.”

When Hiestand was told of the  critical comments he purportedly responded “Get off the tracks or get run over by the train. Unless you coached in the NFL or in one of the toughest conferences in college football I will do it my way, which by the way is and has been ultra successful at those levels. I prepare these kids for the next level, if they don’t like it the malcontents in our fan base can change the channel.”

What everyone is failing to see, is that Coach Heistand is an offensive line guru. Sure the rushing numbers are little bit on the low side (119 out of 120 teams/82 YPG), but let’s just focus on the players he’s producing. As an example, Hiestand has an offensive line that is chock full with future pro football players and potential Hall of Famers.

Take southpaw  center James Stone as an example.  Last season Stone was freshman All American as left handed center,  the innovative Hiestand  made Stone snap the ball with his right hand, the non-dominant hand.  Why?   Hiestand told a LWS insider “Have you ever seen a left handed 3rd baseman? Nope. It just don’t work. Besides left handed centers look retarded.”

One would think with 5 future All-American/All-Pro’s in the starting O line, Tennessee would just go out and score 50 points per game. Oh no, not Tennessee, the Vols have had the discipline to play conservative, ball control offense, and keep the games close and exciting (except for the LSU and Bama games). Coach Dooley is thinking of second and level order of effects of maximizing his brilliant but often misunderstood “calculated losses” strategy in hopes of harvesting more blue chip prospects to Tennessee.

Truth is, the Tennessee defense is WAY behind the offense, and Dooley is proving to the defense that they must improve for the Vols to go on the planned run of 4 consecutive wins in November and get bowl eligible. He is only holding back these 5 future offensive line legends in order to get the maximum growth out of a defensive unit that he counts on giving up zero points for the remainder of the 2011 season. This just another example of the genius that is Coach Dooley, Coach Hiestand and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, having to teach that wet behind the ears defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox that he needs to catch up.

I think Dooley could also be angling for “worst to first” 2012 campaign. A winning season that will be comparable to the 91 Atlanta Braves spectacular championship run. This surge will allow Dooley to posture his offensive staff as frontrunners for the co-winners of the highly coveted 2012 Frank Broyles Assistant Coach of the Year.

Go Vols!!

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One comment on “Tennessee Offensive Line Coach Harry Hiestand knows how to do his job people.

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