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Monday Morning QB: Bill Battle Edition

Seriously, we are in real danger of losing to Vandy. VANDY for God sakes. I can’t remember the last time we scored a touchdown, may have been in the LSU game. DC Wilcox is killing me with the “bend but don’t break” defense. We couldn’t tackle a girl scout carrying a box of cookies.  What disturbed me the most was Dooley trying to sit on a 3 point lead during the 1st quarter of the South Carolina game.

We still gotta chance for a decent bowl bid. I know the BCS bowls can’t take us cause of the 5 loss issue. We are the best 5 loss team in the land!

Draw your own comparison of the current state of the program with a comparable vols program from 30 years ago.

The Bill Battle Era crippled the Vol football program for about 15 years.

  • 4 mediocre years in a row.
  • ’73 8-4
  • ’74 7-3-2
  • ’75 7-5
  • ’76 6-5

All of those records look good today, considering.
Battle had great hair. Like someone else that coaches at Tennessee.
Battle lost to Kentucky.  In fact it was the last loss to UK.
He once lost to Vanderbilt.
He once went for a first down against Georgia on a fourth and two, from our own 30 yard line, with the lead late in the fourth quarter.
UT struggled to recruit mid-major players. We had talent deficits to Miss St, Ole Miss even Vandy.

I didn’t sign up for this shit.
I miss Bill Battle « Loser with Socks

One comment on “Monday Morning QB: Bill Battle Edition

  1. The reason the moving van showed up at Battle’s house was that he gradually dismantled the spoils he inherited from Dickey. That put us into dark ages we hadn’t seen since the pre-Neyland era.

    General Dooley inherited a mess. Much the reverse of Battle. More like Majors’ inheritance of the Battle mess.

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