Bama Fear? Hardly not…..

Any game with the University of Alabama is a day of harvest for the devil. Yesterday at the Echo AL Country Store, there were 3 pregnant women in line to use the restroom. All were wearing hunting t-shirts (replete with an ‘A”) and jean skirts to their ankles. Their t-shirts were covered in mud and looked like they had just crawled from under a trailer. Matt Simms and Da’Rick Rogers please remember this: “I don’t care if we are playing Alabama in a game of country jake…I want to beat them. No matter what sport/game. I want to steal their women, drink their whiskey and kill bigger deer than them”.

Enter Derek Dooley: head football coach, at the University of Tennessee. Young Dooley or “locker room boy” learned the football business from the ground floor up. He picked up socks, jocks, and towels for the jockstrap wearers at the University of Georgia. It was good training and experience for a future University of Tennessee head football coach. I bet Nick Saban was not that well trained and look how good he did. Take a gander at now expired Coach Bear Bryant. All he ever did was to rassle a little bitsy crippled bear cub and look how good the Bammers love him. Just think Derek Dooley has been up to his elbows and deeper in college football dirty laundry and his daddy made him do it. Former UGA QB Buck Belue once said that his only complaint was young Dooley kept putting too much starch in the jock straps. Belue plans to mention that to Dooley before the Bama game. A little something-something about causing chaffing and lack of performance in the running game. That maybe the just the hint that Dooley needs to turn this Volunteer program around 360 degrees.

there is nothing like class and VFL in a football program to take it to new levels.

2 comments on “Bama Fear? Hardly not…..

  1. Good luck.
    We are counting on you.

  2. Aubs counting on a half mangled Vawl squad to do what they know they cannot do. Sad.

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