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EER REspect

Who would have thought a one loss WVU would be ranked  above the teams listed below? It just goes to show that  you can’t spell respect without EER.

*South Carolina
*Arizona State
*TEXAS (only loss to Oklahoma)
*Michigan State

I think that bodes well for the program overall. It would be easy for pollsters to rank us lower based solely on being in the Big East, but the smart ones recognize that West Virginia is a “name brand” program.  Part of the reason is that we took #1 LSU to the mat, racking up some mind-blowing offensive stats  as we did it.  I know from some of the LSU fans that I work with, they felt really lucky to get out of Morgantown with a win.

Does anyone else think that Geno Smith throws more TDs than ints?  I do for sure.

I hope that Tennessee spanks LSU.  We need their help to get back in the NC title hunt.  Go Vols. I guess it really doesn’t matter if LSU wins on Saturday or not, cause Bama will beat them later.  I begin my annual prayer to meet an undefeated SEC team, preferably Bama, in a BCS Bowl.  Without an SEC officiating crew…please.  Those dudes are dirty.

Country Roads, fuckers.

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