LSU is a Paper Tiger

I can't count coach

LSU is a paper tiger

It feels like the 1985 Sugar Bowl again. A lightly regarded Tennessee team that took the potent Miami Hurricanes to the woodshed. Take a look at some facts here. I think there is more smoke and mirrors with LSU than any team we have faced or will face.

For the 4th year in a row LSU has failed to sign a decent running back. This is not, not, not good for LSU. As we saw this last year opposing teams defenses are adapting to LSU’s quirky offense and their 3rd and long defense. Their corners play soft and so far away from the line of scrimmage that they are not visible on my 57 inch Hitachi HD TV. Consider the talent they had more than a few experts have said they disappointed for sure.

LSU QB Jarrett Lee. He’s good no question but he can’t continue to carry the load like he has. He has lit up some good defenses this year and but he is one good pop and a bad poop away from being sidelined all year. With no quality running backs LSU has had to throw the ball way more than they planned. Think about it. I’m not hoping for injuries, that is classless, I’m just saying they are asking for it. LSU has no quarterback set up to replace Lee if he is injured. Think about that. Jordan Jefferson just plain sucks in the red zone. He is not isn’t a viable option for LSU. Well, only if they need to stomp someone’s ass stomped in the parking lot of a bar, he is more than effective.

The heart and soul of LSU’s team and leadership graduated or left early or are so supremely confident that they don’t give a rats ass. Their best defensive linemen left who were all 4 year starters.

Their defense was totally offensed and defused by a very so-so 2010 Tennessee team that had them beat only to win on a mental breakdown created by the Tennessee coaching staff on the last play of the game.

Florida and West Virginia made them look silly with their decent line of scrimmage. Tennessee’s will be much better this saturday.

LSU Tigers are paper tigers. They will be lucky to finish in the survive healthy in Knoxville this year. Mark my words!

Les Miles has fooled the league for a few years and then we all figured him out. Tennessee wins, but it will be close. Matt Simms has their number. He is gamer and possesses the will to win through grit and moxie.

Just wait and see, the Road to Damascus ain’t crowded non-believers. Vols win 24-20 after Palardy kicks a game winner from 49 sending us to glory.

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I am retired Army officer. I used to fly helicopters and airplanes while I was in the Army. Nowadays, I do other things that are not so cool and sexy. I decided to write about my journey or whatever you want to call it towards running a half-marathon this fall. I have been running since 1983, I have run the Duke City full and half marathons. I don't run that fast anymore, I did win a 10K when I was 21, those days are mercifully past me. The fastest mile I have turned is a 5:05 during one of those Army physical fitness test 2 mile runs. The point I am making is that I am old, slow, and experienced runner. I named the blog after my running buddy, Bandit, an Australian Blue Heeler. He is my 3rd K-9 running buddy, the previous two dogs were black labs. I hope to write about some of my discussions that I have with Bandit in the future. I once owned, but since sold and a satirical and irreverent sports blog that was moderately successful. I was published in the left-wing national sports media by Sports Illustrated and ESPN. I am "stuck" in Alabama working for a military contractor. I am working so fricking hard to get back to Southeast New Mexico or West Texas. Fingers and toes crossed.

11 comments on “LSU is a Paper Tiger

  1. A WfV fan here… LSU is beatable – but they’re no paper tiger.

    I’ve watched them play against MSU, WfV and Florida. Notice the lack of turnovers – all with Lee at the controls. Once they get a lead – however they get it – the Hat has two big thumpers to turn loose. Don’t think LSU doesn’t have a running game.

    As for their D, WfV opened some eyes – but it was because Holgo the Merciless used 3-step drops. No classic 7-step stuff. That’s why LSU couldn’t get a sack.

    Good luck to Vol Nation. Just don’t give the Hat a short field.

  2. Good luck.
    We are counting on you…

  3. Matt Simms is Les Miles Daddy….we know it and they know it.

  4. If LSU is a paper tiger then that makes Tennessee a wadded up piece of paper in comparison!

  5. I smell fear, not corndogs

  6. Seriously…didn’t u chumps just get beat by Florida? With ur regularly starting qb? That same Florida Def that gave up 23 to you guys gave up 41 to LSU. The Vols will end up with 2/3 wins in conference. UK/Vandy/maybe USC or Ark. not both. You Vol football fans are as deluded as UK basketball fans. Dooley is doing fine…it will take more time.

  7. Interesting score prediction. How is the kick a game winner when you’re already up 21 – 20 before his kick makes it 24 -20?

  8. lol. Paper Tiger. Our punter will have more rushing yards than TN. Les believes in grinding it out with your 2nd and 3rd stringers once the lead is secure. No need to run up the score by keeping your hesiman trophy contending stud running back in late in the game when victory is already yours, like some coarches.

    but keep underestimating Miles. go ahead. i dare you. Oh and this is Chief’s 1st time back to Neyland. He will have his revenge.

    as for the West Vagina fan—Jesus. you are talking shit about LSU after we blew you out by 4 tds on your home field. We let you sniff our ass for a moment (thanks to a dropped td by Randle on the 1st possession of the 2nd half) but then blew the doors off. It’s called football, son–gaudy passing stats are for Tecmo Bowl.

  9. You are literally retarded Sydney. The LSU punter already has more rushing yards than Tennessee. Simms is going to the air to beat the living shit out of your soft corners. Vols roll

  10. Mike, did you watch the game last year? Do you not get “it”? We can’t perform basic math calculations in Tennessee.

  11. @Sydney-

    No shit talking – WfV folks genuinely respect LSU. Better team this year. ‘nuf said.

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