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Talking LSU and the Honey Badger

Man, that Honey Badger kid won’t be able to stay on the field with Da’Rick Rogers this weekend. I always hear about coach Miles, and I’ve seen him in those ESPN commercials, but I promise when he comes toe to toe with Dooley that my Vols will prevail. Sure Bray has hurt his jerking hand, but we won’t miss a beat with Simms at QB. Remember last year Simms had them Tigers weeping at LSU but Dooley got confused on counting players at the end of the game and we got beat. I hope Matt Simms head butts that Honey Badger right in the face.

I’ve been a Tennessee fan for 25 years now. I’m hoping that I can make to the game this weekend (looking for a ride from the Sequatchie Valley), I’ve never been on campus before ( it is an hour from where I live after all) but I love the Vols. For all you Bama fans out there, you don’t have to have a degree from the school you root for, or have season tickets. Being a Tennessean is a birth right, it’s my heart and soul. I can tell you right now, that one day I want to marry my girlfriend at Neyland; that way we will never get divorced. She was obviously raised right and she has her priorities straight. I’ll tell you what. I hope LSU is number 1 when we beat them this Saturday, we’ll take their spot at number two and beat Bama in the SEC championship game. We may not have won them all,,,, but Dooley looks good on the field.. he’s a pretty man. I really like the way he got the losses out of the way early in the year. What a coach!

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