Monday Morning QB: Post UGA Upset loss

Why is Al Matthews allowed to officiate any Tennessee games? Good Lord. Vandy ’81, Gaffney 2000, Teague PI 2011. How did he get in and out of Neyland? back-in-the-good-graces-of-somebody
UGA scored 20 points. Cincinnati scored 23. You can do the simple math and come to the logical conclusion.
Pastor Richt looks tanned. He should consider using Rogaine.
Instant Replay sucks. It’s like tracers. It works both ways and should never be used at Neyland.
Our Five step drops seem to be 3 step drops to the defense.
Prayer may not help . . . but it can’t hurt. But…God doesn’t like Tennessee.
God himself couldn’t resurrect this program right now
Well coached teams don’t have that many penalties.
We used to have one of the fastest and most feared defenses every single year – not too long ago. Chavis?
You can’t keep trotting a guy out there who can’t snap the ball
We can’t run wide. Any of us knows you can’t do that in the SEC unless you have superior speed.
This Saturday against LSU, We run two plays; “Run it up the middle” and “Run it down their throats.”

About Capers Bar

I am retired Army officer. I used to fly helicopters and airplanes while I was in the Army. Nowadays, I do other things that are not so cool and sexy. I decided to write about my journey or whatever you want to call it towards running a half-marathon this fall. I have been running since 1983, I have run the Duke City full and half marathons. I don't run that fast anymore, I did win a 10K when I was 21, those days are mercifully past me. The fastest mile I have turned is a 5:05 during one of those Army physical fitness test 2 mile runs. The point I am making is that I am old, slow, and experienced runner. I named the blog after my running buddy, Bandit, an Australian Blue Heeler. He is my 3rd K-9 running buddy, the previous two dogs were black labs. I hope to write about some of my discussions that I have with Bandit in the future. I once owned, but since sold and a satirical and irreverent sports blog that was moderately successful. I was published in the left-wing national sports media by Sports Illustrated and ESPN. I am "stuck" in Alabama working for a military contractor. I am working so fricking hard to get back to Southeast New Mexico or West Texas. Fingers and toes crossed.

9 comments on “Monday Morning QB: Post UGA Upset loss

  1. Um, UGA had several holding calls in a row. Refs called it even. UGA didn’t get a replay fumble either. Tyler Bray is a disaster waiting to happen on the field at all times. His constant yelling is enough to tell me what kind of leader he isn’t. Plus he’s stupid crazy with the football. Murray does none of those things. The Fulmer Curse lives on.

  2. Koncak in from the cold

  3. UGA owns the Vols. Bark like a dog Rockytop.

  4. I still cant believe how bad we r . WE have a center, who cant center, cornerbacks that I can outrun, backs who cant hold on to the ball, a d that cant line up against anything other than the Os base formation, a placekicker who chokes every important kick, LBs who cant set the edge, An o lline that cant knock anyone off the ball, many passcatchers (In name) that drop every key throw ( it seems) A coach that couldnt win at LaTech ( but hes gonna beat those chumps like Saban) a d line that gets little or no pressure on the other QB( he has time to eat a sandwich before he throws) and we r going to play #1, and #1-a in the next 2 weeks. I will bet someone that UT will have less first downs ( not counting one gained by penalty) in the next 2 games, than LSU & Bama have touchdowns . I have been a fan for 50 plus years and if it was ever this pathetic over there – thank Gawd I cant remember it. If this continues, I may need therapy. It should be funny hearing Barbara Dooley defend her incompetent son- but it hurts too much to laugh.

  5. Take it easy…Dools hung tuff with the Tigers last year–TN was two players away from avoiding a loss. however, this Tiger team is better than last year and Sam Montgomery has had the game circled since y’all cheap shotted him out of the remainder of his Frosh season. don’t worry though. If Miles is up by 3 tds in the 3rd, he will have the starters resting and will not be running his stud heisman trophy candidate just to pad his stats, just like LSU’s last coach did with Richardson vs UFL-Gainsville.

  6. Both teams were called for 8 penalties but UGA lost more yards from them. Instant replay got one call right that hurt Tennessee and one call wrong that helped Tennessee. Which of those seems unfair? Tennessee lost because they were held to -20 rushing yards. Alabama is going to curbstomp you. LSUs punter is going to run roughshod over Tennessee and make fun of them while he does it. Have fun the rest of the season. Maybe Barbara should coach in Knoxville

  7. …LSUs punter is going to run roughshod over Tennessee and make fun of them while he does it…

    Damn that is some funny shit. Curse of Fulmer?? Shhheyat! Curse of Chavis if you ax me…..

    Like Honey Badger would say–thanks for the coach, stupid!!

  8. It’s been a long time, brotha. Been reading the blog daily, but haven’t been able to post. I couldn’t help to think about loserwithsocks while watching the pending disaster that is Tyler Bray. Kid’s a loose cannon on the field. WAY too much yelling with no results. He reminds me of that guy in Top Gun that spills his own coffee all over himself and then gets mad at Maverick. Dude, you spilled your own coffee Tyler!

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