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Alas, I fear that the Big East may be a goner

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If the Big East (football) is really dead…Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lay it to rest with my EERS as it’s final champion? The Big East still has a BCS bid through the 2013 season. WVU might as well take advantage of that if leaving requires a 27 month notice. Let’s face it, TCU is nothing more than a one hit wonder like that band called Dishwalla. TCU going somewhere else is better for them anyhow. They really would’ve fit into the Big East anyways, isn’t Texas a southern state? Look at us. WV is a southern state and we barely fit in here with all of these yankee schools. TCU would have all kind of cultural issues with these schools.

This is such an awesome time to be a Mountaineer. So heady and magical. So many conferences lining up for our school. Who will we dominate? I know that Oliver Luck has been given a gag order not to talk about it. WHatever conference that is is lucky enough to land this juggernaut, they will be counting their blessings. Great tradition, football and fans!!

Country Roads!!!

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The Big East is the best strongest football conference....ever

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