We Would Fit Right In the SEC

Of course I take exception to this website premise that we are not a good fit: 7 More Reasons West Virginia Is A Bad Fit For The SEC | Saturday Down South. Just say it Bitch, y’all don’t want us cause we own the league. Nothing more nothing less. I thought you would be a better sport than to accuse us of not being from the south just because we have a better team and better coaches and better fans. you can call us sore losers if you want to, but it takes a sore winner to hit one of our players in the head with a bottle.

It’s unfair that people from coast to coast make fun of us cause we have “Virginia” in the name of our team and the name “West Virginia” said “inbred rube” to them people in all the other states. They also poke fun cause we can’t spell the whole word and have to say “EERS” which they thank makes no more sense than “West By God” or “West Fucking Virginia”. You arrogant jerks think you’re so smart, but we lifelong Eer fans know different.

In reality all Saturday Down South did is show off some of our Mountain Mamas and their complete hotness.

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The Big East is the best strongest football conference....ever

3 comments on “We Would Fit Right In the SEC

  1. You guys had every chance to show you belonged by beat LSU and being good hosts…
    Instead some of your thugs beat LSU fans after the game….
    Why would the SEC want couch burning hillbillies who aren’t from the South in the SEC?..
    The Big Least is going the way of the Doodoo, Pitt and Syracuse saw the handwriting on the wall…

  2. I dont agree with WVU in the SEC, but the nasty fan excuse is not fair. Collette Connell is an Bama fan that could rival anything that could be found in WVU. The SEC needs an Academic school as the next addition….SMU (Top School, Rich Alumni, Major market, in the Florida and Texas A&M category, but less than Vandy)…Missouri (AAU school, adds a state)….Georgia Tech (AAU School)


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