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SEC Power Poll

Jai asked me to cover down on this this week.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide – What the fuck is Saban feeding them kids? All of them except for Barrett Jones look like they do cross fit or some shit. That Defense is amazingly fast and will knock your dick off. I wonder if Trent Richardson will let me borrow his car (s) when my Vols play the Bammers?
2. LSU Tigers – Ok, they looked really good against WVU. My issues with them are that they lack discipline (lots of penalties) and Les Miles has been reading his own press on those silly ass trick plays. LSU would absolutely rape Oklahoma. Against Alabama? Nope. Sorry, it pains me write that.
3. Florida Gators – Not the same Gators as under Meyer. I think that Bama rips them a new sphincter, regardless of the fact that they are playing in the Swamp.
4. South Carolina Gamecocks – Like Jai said, Garcia is the weakest link on this team. He will break the Cocks hearts with his stupid plays. How does Spurrier blood pressure survive Garcia and the Cock?
5. Arkansas Razorbacks – I don’t know what to say except go back to the Big 12 or wherever the fuck you came from. You aren’t going to win shit in the SEC.
6. Auburn Tigers – It is the damn defense. That is what is broke. Beat Bama.
7. Tennessee Volunteers – Tune up with Buffalo getting ready to whip some Dawg ass. Lord I can’t wait to send Richt packing.
8. Georgia Bulldogs – Biggest bunch of pussies in the SEC. At least Vandy makes an effort.
9. Mississippi State Bulldogs – I really thought these thugs would be good. I guess I was wrong.
10. Vanderbilt Commodores – Smoke and mirrors. The SEC schedule will remove the illusion that Vandy is worth a shit.
11. Kentucky Wildcats – Joker is on the hot seat. Why? UK sucks and always will suck. Don’t fire the man.
12. Ole Miss Rebels – No words to describe this program. I don’t even understand the Black Bear bullshit. Just bloody awful.

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