Vols Progress Report

I was watching the Bama-Arkansas game pregame and saw Coach Dooley providing analysis and hit me: news flash!! Phil Fulmer and John Chavis are gone. I miss them and the glory they brought to Tennessee football but both of them are gone and we should quit trying to bring them back and comparing every coach to them. Fulmer was a BSC NC coach who was considered to be the “Dean” of SEC coaches and Bama’s Daddy. Till he got lazy and got outrecruited. Chavis on the other hand was regarded as one of the best linebacker coaches in the country, Chavis became defensive coordinator in 1995 and helped win a national championship three years later. UT has had 11 linebackers taken in the draft since 1999. Now look at old Chief. He is coaching D for the #1 ranked LSU Bengal Tigers. That old dog can still hunt!

Dooley has looked good at times (Cincy this year) and bad at times (Fl this year) but it is not all his fault. The team sucks in the red zone because the o-line can’t open a running lane against a bunch of girl scouts carrying a load of cookies. Give Dooley one more year as long as he hires a new defensive coordinator (Chief come back home please) the Florida loss was an embarrassment we are still very much in the hunt for the SEC East title. Lets support them the rest of the season. they have a rough road ahead with LSU and those cheaters in T-Town but they have a chance in both. Hopefully they will make the corrections in the off-season and should compete next year for the SEC title. For example, recruit and local boy Cody Blanc is a good recruit by Dooley, a sleeper white ninja that will fill a niche and subsequently light up some Bammer ass. Some Vols fans don’t like him cause he is fast but he is white. Well keep bitching about Blanc and maybe he will go sign with Boise State and be an All America for them. Dooley likes him so that is good enough for me.

I know, I know. He showed his offensive genius against Florida and called a masterful game. Anybody that watched that game saw that Florida would have never won if the referees hadn’t cheated. they were practically holding and interfering the whole game. Their team was not half as good as ours. you take away a few bad breaks and some terrible calls and we’d be 3-0. It was obvious to everybody in the stadium that the Vols dominated the Gators in all phases of the game, and the Refs took another one away from us. Tennessee will win the rest and be in the SECC … mark my words. Everything is going just as planned by Dooley.

Dooley is a genius and this is truly evidential in his nurturing of Tyler Bray. y’all ain’t seen nothing yet. wait til Dooley opens up the playbook with some Urban Meyer like playcalls against Buffalo.

I mean just look at Dooley’s demeanor, that scowl. you can tell Fulmer’s inside him. leave him alone and he will bring us glory again. all you Bama and Florida guys can go back to the farm cause we’re gonna be kicking ass again. C’mon little Fulmer us true Vols fans know what’s comin’.

I know that this season hasn’t lived up to expectations by Vols fans, but we need to give Dooley one more year and our support. He has the ship steady on course to another Bowl berth. I think that getting to Shreveport or Nashville should shut the critics up.

4 comments on “Vols Progress Report

  1. As an avid Vol fan, this is the worst, most misguided article I have ever read. Truly incorrect in so many ways.

  2. Can you be more specific? I think it was pretty accurate

  3. The current Defense is in good hands. Check your stats. At least this D can make appropriate corrections and adjustments. The only adjustments Chief made was to go prevent in every 2nd half, and to keep the O off the field by allowing first downs on any 3rd and long.

    I guess he was trying to help the O stay fresh so they could come in and save the day with last minute drives.

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