Post LSU Hangover: We was robbed.

We was robbed.. West Virginia and America was robbed. If we want to keep going with this, perhaps the entire universe finds itself, well, robbed.

The folks at ABC/ESPN sat 20 million slack-jawed, rapt Americans in front of their TV sets and gave us a hyped up ballgame that was rigged from the get-go. Instead of fresh excitement, new and shocking touchdowns, and straight-off-the-shelf cattiness, we were served up a series of yellow flags and horrible spots that reversed every positive play that my EERS made. Like, I’ve been comparing college football in America to fascism for years. It’s kinda disturbing to find out that ESPN and the SEC have confirmed my theory.

We was robbed.

To be sure, this blue-balling football game did have its pleasures. Unfortunately, indulging the pleasures of Penn Wagers and his SEC officiating crew was like picking up the trashy-but-good-enough gal by the jukebox, bringing her home, bumping uglies, and feeling that woozy-making deja-vu as you sidle up to the same jukebox a week later and compliment her on her selection of that great Foghat song . Occasionally, we’d get what seemed to be a fresh sideline shot of Les Miles gaping blank-faced like a clock with the numbers rubbed clean then realize that we’d already pointed and laughed and remarked about how slow Les Miles seemed to be on the uptake. There was the same litany of LSU “trick” plays that were nothing more than Freudian slips made all the more deliciously Freudian by their utter incomprehensibility to the smooth gray matter that let them fly. In my group of EER fans there was the endless supply of “I don’t know’s” to any penalty flag that reversed an EER positive play requiring the aforethought of anything with an attention span greater than that of your developmentally disabled fruitfly.

This was a Twilight Zone football game of causal viewer cruelty, where at the end we could half-expect comely sideline reporter Erin Andrews to calmly announce that we were bad people that didn’t know that LSU had already been “tested” and were used to hostile crowds and then she would flip us a classily manicured bird.

Fuck ESPN and the SEC and their conference alignment crack, leaving us to twitch in anticipation of some predetermined big finish, when either a conniving Penn Wagers or probably-conniving-but-much-better-about-it Mike Slive are gonna get their just desserts, and the back of the hand that’s going to be served up by our 463 yard passer/jackhammer Geno Smith by the deceived object of his affection.

The take away? It took LSU upsetting my beloved EERS to get the #1 ranking.

Fuck me, fuck us all for not tucking away the currency of our attention in our shoes as we walked through the seediest part of the College Football, hooting and hollering about how sweet life seems on payday. We all asked for this. And we’ll get it again in a long week from now.

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16 comments on “Post LSU Hangover: We was robbed.

  1. Sorry, I was faking an injury to slow down your rant and missed most of it.

    Did you ever get around to explaining why WV hired Dwight Yoakum as head ball couch…I mean coach?

  2. great take on the game ‘Eer. West Virginia is so much better than my Tigers and they proved it ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! We aspire to one day be on your level.

    Holgersen is the spitting image of “Buffalo Bill” in Silence of the Lambs. Geno Smith rubs the lotion on his skin or else he gets the hose again.

  3. It wasn’t skill that got your Tigers to #1. I t was a win over a favored national ranked team. You’re welcome

  4. Keep your feeble minded coach off of the field, cheater

  5. I still can’t believe oddsmakers had this one at 6.5 at kickoff. I was almost positive they left out a one in front of the six.

  6. LSU cheated and high-stepped itself to a 4 touchdown win in your face. WVU meets grown man football… doesn’t enjoy it much. Maybe you guys should wear flags on your belts and hit the intramural fields. I bet you could win the LSU fraternity league easily. It’d have about as much value as all those Big East titles.

  7. you were robbed the day the doctor slapped your ass and brought you into a fate worse than death.

  8. Second biggest win for LSU at Mountaineer Park (or whatever they call that shithole that is supposed to strike fear into visitors). Biggest LSU win was of course when West Fuckin’ Virginia took it in the ass from Pitt, choking their hillbilly ass out of the National Championship game, and sending LSU instead. Where we beat the living shit out of some Big Ten afterbirth.

  9. From what I heard, the LSU fans were a bit out of their bullying element. I felt sorry for them

  10. Dirk
    You must be a fan of professional football….Alabama

  11. High stepping should have been call as a penalty by your agent Penn Wagers, but it wasn’t, was it?

  12. You should be a Bama fan…
    They are the only ones I can think that are this delusional and crazy…
    What is scary is that I halfway think that you actually believe this drivel you post…
    LSU is just better…
    Kicked that hillybilly ass and took their names….

  13. He is a true believer. Every word of it

  14. Jai, you still haven’t found a muzzle big enough for this pussy yet?
    Eer, you better be glad the SEC told your inbred program no, I’d hate for you to be subjected to these type stump breakings every week in conference play.

  15. […] = ''; } Let them fly.. butterflies!Let Them Fly Book ReviewPost LSU Hangover: We was robbed. /* Begin Contact Form CSS */ .contactform { position: static; overflow: hidden; width: 95%; } […]

  16. Him and Scorched are posting for me this week. I have limited time on the internet…..

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