This will by far be our toughest test of the season. However, Maryland’s offense was much better than LSU’s. It’s LSU’s D that worries me. I know we can hold them from scoring too much. The Only problem will we run up the score? It is the classic ethical decision of looking classy and traditional on ESPN. I think that Dana hangs 50 on them as payback for not letting us in their stupid conference.

Back to the game analysis…. Of the two offenses they’ve played Oregon and Mississippi State, who were both run oriented spread offenses. We will be their first test and the first they will see of a passing oriented spread offense, because of this I think we catch them off guard a bit and do just enough. They won’t be prepared for our speed or the EER fans total hell raising. LSU will be shocked and intimidated by that. I am not calling for a upset and Couches Burn All Over Morgantown!

WVU – 24
LSU – 20

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21 comments on “LSU vs WVU

  1. LSU is going to be surprised by our speed and intimidated by our fans? I hope so. Either way, it’s always good to go with your heart over your head (which is probably impressed more by the team with better athletes in a better conference with a coach that has two national titles in the last eight years).

    Hopefully it is one of those perfect storm nights and we get the breaks and performances we need.

  2. Intimidated by the WVU speed….
    I mean WVU is so much faster than the SEC…
    been in the moonshine again, eh?…
    Should not post and drink…

  3. LSU is somewhat familiar with crazy fans, and moonshine-inspiration isn’t a lot difference than Cajun Gator Juice-inspiration….except Gator Juice is serious booze. As to WVU’s speed, I haven’t watch your team play this year, but I have watched the Tigers….when they slow down enough to actually be seen.
    My Dad was from Kayford, WV, so WVU has always been one of my favorite schools, but all of my children and their spouses are LSU grads, and I live in the shadow of Death Valley, so I have to back LSU in this one. As much as I’d love to see WVU in the SEC, if it rests on this game……oh well. LSU – 42 WVU – 9

  4. you have got to be kidding me. run up the score?? Wet Vagina won’t have the ball long enough to do so. We will pound your 3-3-5 ass with a combo of Ware and Ford. don’t expect a reach around. don’t expect us to look you in the eye.

  5. i am thinking 40-20. as in LSU 40 minutes of TOP….

  6. Ask Greg Blue about the Mountaineer speed.

  7. Sidney, why don’t you make those mountain boys mad? That ought to help our Tigers! They aren’t in the same class as LSU, you know and I know – but they are big enough to put our skill players in the hospital, and they will test out secondary, at least in the first half. But give some credit to WVU for being willing to play LSU (NFC).

  8. Who gives this douche access to a key board? Does he make his weekly trip to the Morgantown library so he can get internet access to post this garbage? I feel cheated just for having read this. I think the guys here at LWS should tell him the same thing the SEC told his program…… thanks but no thanks.

  9. LOL your an idiot. If SEC had let your sorry asses into the conference, then you would know LSU plays teams with rowdy fans on a regular basis, and the only people who talk about Morgantown are people from Morgantown.

    As for running up the score because of your terrible spread offense. You might not know this cause they don’t get cable television in the hills, but LSU has the most impressive defense by far in the nation. And its stars are the DBs.

    I challenge you to please try your blog again. That is all.

  10. Both the offensive and defensive lines for LSU are going to own WVU tonight. The offense will run it straight at you all night and I will be surprised if the game isnt a bowout by halftime. The Defensive line for LSU is going to get pressure on your QB when he is not sacked for a loss and the backs are playing at an NFL talent level so look for some picks too. I hate it for you but those are the facts and yes, kudos for scheduling a team like LSU to play but bring your notebooks and pencils because you are going to get a lesson on how its done in the SEC,
    LSU 48 WVU 7

  11. Dont you feel fucking stupid as shit. Speed? Lol. Run up the score? Lmao. Victory? ROFLMFAO

  12. Brother, upsets happen…..even a blind squirrel finds a nut in Morgantown. I was surprised that LSU was able to run with our athletes

  13. You were surprised? You guys need to come out of the mountains once in a while. You got spanked in wonderful Morgantown!

  14. Surprised? Shocked is more like it. The wolf howled outside our door and ate our puppy treats. I think that “spanked” is strong word that doesn’t apply here at all.

  15. Great score prediction asshat. The only bright spot your drunk uncle looking coach put on the field was those neon piss uni’s your band of butt pirates sported.

  16. Lol. Your a nub dude. You know nothing about college football. Lol everyone says they have spee,d against their own conference. And your confrence us among the saddest their is. You made maryland look bad because they are bad. Do you remember 2007? Big ten speed. Lol. They let a white running back kill them. Speed. Dont talk about speed. Your athlete got burned. By the qorse burned .

  17. Gremillion, I don’t want to be mean to you, but I think you’re trying to be mean to me. Your thought process and spelling is fucking mess.

  18. My uncle wears a “don’t tread on me” hat, fucktard

  19. He can wear a hat that says “eat shit and die” for all I care, he still looks like the drunk uncle that shows up at thanksgiving dinner straight from the drunk tank. Think Woody Harrelson in Kingpin……… fucktard

  20. If you had any kind of logic and recall ability you would see that he looks like Dwight Youkum, cuckold

  21. If he was drunk, cum catcher.

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