If TAMU is the SEC’s 13th, Who Will Be the SEC’s 14th?

First, this isn’t about who should be, who I’d like it to be, etc… This is about what realistically makes the most sense.  I know a lot of Eers fans that read this blog won’t understand that, or any of you stoned out Gator fans, but fucking deal with it.

You can rule out Va Tech, Clempson, Free Shoes U, Ga Tech or any other ACC school.  GET. THIS. THROUGH. YOUR. FUCKING. HEADS.  It is not about “socially fitting” the SEC or being a geographically good fit.  Colorado isn’t close to the Pacific and TCU isn’t near the East.  Geography doesn’t matter at all here.  What’s that I hear you saying?  “But 3DHB, Boulder Colorado is full of hippies like Eugene and Berkeley so it is socially a good fit!!!”  Good point, now how do you explain Utah?  STFU.  Geography and culture have nothing to do with this.

West Virginia huh?  Yeah, sorry… You’re not a winner either.  No TV base, no athletic prestige, Z-FUCKING-ERO academic standards.  Bottom line, WVU offers nothing that any other Big East school would offer as well.  Anyone from the Big East is excluded.

Other than all of this, the SEC doesn’t want to be seen as a destroyer of conferences like the ACC was viewed after they mouth raped the Big East for the only schools that were worth a shit in that league.  The Big 12 is dead, it is no longer viewed as a conference.

So who will it be?

It will be a team from the Big 12 (or what’s left of it).  It won’t be Texas as they won’t give up the sweetheart TV deal.  It won’t be Baylor or Texas Tech.  They’re still holding out hope that the Big 12 can morph into a 21st Century Southwest Conference by adding SMU, UTEP, Houston, Rice, or other Texas schools.  Oklahoma and Oklahoma State won’t allow the Big 12 to become a new, Texas heavy SWC.  They’re fucking out and they’re heading to the PAC12.  The Kansas schools and Iowa State don’t fit into the SEC.  Period.  If you disagree with me, please tell me about your experiences in Manhattan (Little Apple, lol) or Lawrence, Kansas.  That leaves Mizzou…

And mark this down, you saw it hear first.  I’m calling this, not saying it should be this way or they’re the best fit, blah blah blah.  It will be Missouri.  Is Mizzou a good “social fit”?  Some people say no, some say yes.  I am indifferent about it.  I have been to a game in Columbia and the tailgating seemed forced, kind of like how it is in Starkghanistan; the fans were good people.  Honestly, there wasn’t much of a difference between going to a football game there and one at Mississippi State.  Academically they are decent, like MSU too.  Plus it brings in the St. Louis and Kansas City TV markets.

This will not be viewed as a conference raid like how the ACC did to the Big East, because everyone knows the Big 12 is done.  If Mizzou were to go to the Big 10, they would have gone during the last round of conference reshuffling.

Obviously there will need to be a reshuffling of divisions once this happens.  Some have said move the Barn and the Cheaters to the East and move Vandy to the West or just move the Barn to the East.  That’s a different discussion for a different time.

Bottom line, add Columbia, MO to your SEC destinations.  This will happen, I promise it.

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15 comments on “If TAMU is the SEC’s 13th, Who Will Be the SEC’s 14th?

  1. I don’t see any mention of the biggest factor of all – TV eyeballs.

    Of all the contenders, it seems like Mizzou and WVfU are the only ones that offer a decent new TV market. Mizzou brings St. Louis and Kansas City – no bad. WVfU brings an entire state (OK, not that many people), plus W. Pa, E. Ohio, and a good chunk of DC/Maryland/Virginia/N.Carolina.

    And both schools’ AD budgets are doing well. Don’t count out either school.

  2. We will check back with you in a week or two so that we can see how your prediction works out

  3. I definately think WVU would make a great addition to the SEC. WVU has as much a chance (if not more) of receiving an invite from the SEC as any of the other schools you mention. I think you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment if you thank WVU doesn’t have a chance.

    Per Brian’s comment above – what was the TN AD’s departments profit last year? I remember seeing somewhere that WVU was one of a small number of schools that turned a profit. They must be doing something right.

  4. Heard it here first? You stupid fucktard. Mizzou has been touted as a probable 14th team for a year. The reason? The SEC doesnt want to anybody that is really good that will actually challenge Bammy, uf, LSU and Uga for championships. They want to add a couple of middle of the road pansies just good enough to maintain credibility for the league but not any real threat to win titles.

    Total bitch move by SEC pussies.

  5. Fuck the SEC and their self righteous bullshit. You’ll never get Texas or Oklahoma and would be lucky to pull any of those teams from the ACC, think academic standards. The only team worth a shit out of the rest is WVU. They’d maybe do decent in football, but would stomp your asses in basketball.

  6. The last two commenters are crying like that 15 year old little bitch up there in the picture.

    Guess what? The SEC doesn’t want your ass, deal with it.

  7. So Will (dipshit), the SEC doesn’t want Oklahoma? More like we don’t want your to be grouped together with you fucktards.Most ignorant, self delusional fanbases in the country. If you guys paid as much attention to dental hygeine as you do welfare checks and football the south might be somewhat worth a shit.

  8. This is all about the Benjamins, nothing more, nothing less….
    and Mizzou brings them with the eyeballs on their TVs…
    Sorry WVU, you ship is coming in, but you don’t have the money to buy a ticket….
    Mizzou knows the score and will ask what color when Mike Slives says ” crap”…

  9. Screw it, I’ll bite. WVU fan here and I’d hate to be in the SEC. Their fans are mostly arrogant, hipocritical assholes. We may not have the best fans in the world, but their level of retardedness knows no bounds.

    I live in Gamecock country right now. I get crap everywhere I go about the Big East when I wear my WV hat. I don’t care about the Big East. I care about WVU. I don’t live vicariously through my conference like you do. Go away. I don’t care if Louisville plays in the national championship and beats LSU by 100 points. If WVU goes 6-6, what the hell do I have to brag about? That we lost to good teams? That’s like me getting bragging about being friends with a dude who banged a super model. So what?!

    1. The SEC top 3 year are good…very good, NOW. No denying that.

    However, the rest of them are mediocre. Yes, you guys beat each other up blah blah blah. No fucking shit. When you play the same teams year in and year out. There are bound to be upsets.

    Thing is…fans(Especially Alabama and Auburn fans) have a very limited memory. Yes, lots of prestige and wins(if you don’t count the years they sucked or were ineligible…which they always seem to forget)

    Since 1997(BCS era), Alabama has gone to 10 bowl games.

    Destroyed by VTech in the 98 music city bowl. UNRANKED
    Lost to Michigan in the 99 Orange Bowl.
    Beat Iowa State by 1 point in the 2000 Independence Bowl. UNRANKED
    They weren’t even eligible for a bowl in 2002/2003. Way to go. ROLL TIDE!
    Lost to Minnesota in the 2004 Music City Bowl. UNRANKED
    Beat Texas Tech by 3 points in the 2005 Cotton Bowl. Oh wait, that win was vacated. Nevermind. Fail.
    Lost the 2006 Independence Bowl to Okla St: UNRANKED
    Beat the pretigious Colorado Buffaloes in the 2007 Independence Bowl UNRANKED
    Lost to UTAH. UTAH. A non bcs “crap school” right SEC? In the Sugar Bowl. A home game. Not just beat. They had their skirts pulled up and were bent over the high school bleachers after gym class, beat.
    Then the National Championship. Can’t deny that. Great team that year.
    Crushed Michigan St in the Capital One Bowl.

    4 out of 10. .400 including wins over Texas(without McCoy and a green as fuck freshman QB, Colorado, Michigan St, and Iowa St)

    Excuse me if I don’t bow.

    So out of 10 Post seasons, One BCS win. Against a team who lost McCoy.Yeah, I’m holding that against you. You’d do the same thing if Ingram broke his leg, so shut up.

    Please, you aren’t the best thing since sliced bread. Stfu.

    I could move on to Mighty Auburn, but I’m about to leave work.

    Im sick of SEC fans and their crappy selective memory. You’ve been a great 4 team conference since 2006. Wow, 5 whole years. What’s going to happen when the NCAA throws the ban hammer down on Auburn and Alabama again? Yeah, looking at you Cam Newton. Your dad ever show his church financial records? What about you Trent Richardson? I hope you got some free clothes from that store owner.

    Go and stick your head back in the sand. You’re no better than anyone else, you just pay more and get away with it(sometimes).

    One last thing. Every single Paul Finebaum caller can run into traffic. 99/100 people calling in have the intelligence of hamburger. Way to represent your fanbases.

  10. Get the fuck off of the Finebaum nations sack, tim. The Mantrip is fucking queer

  11. If the SEC brought suit case full of money I believe FSU would consider it. We could try and shave points off our I. Q. FSU will be very careful who uses the brand of America’s team. When FSU plays America tunes in. We are America’s team. Show me a man with soul so dead whose heart does not leap at the sight of Renegade and the flaming spear.

  12. Texas, if they dont go indy, is the biggest catch, the Longhorn network is an ESPN deal…the SEC has an ESPN deal. This means Texas, ESPN, and the SEC could all come together at one table and make a deal. Missouri is a great catch but not a fit geographically. Missouri belongs in the Big-10 with rivalry games against Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. The Big-12 could be 12 again, but it will be with with Conference USA, WAC and MWC teams.

  13. LMAO @ Semitard Uprising…

    Letting Trailerhassee State College in our conference would be equivalent to charity work…TSC profits margins in football and basketball are dwarfed by schools like Mizzou, WVU and Louisville…third tier TV programming contracts are even worse…

    The only time Spearchucker games have high national ratings are when they’re the only game on TV on a Labor Day or a weak ass mid-December bowl and there’s nothing else on…nobody gives two shits about it otherwise…

    America’s team?…WTF ever…Not even Florida’s team…not even the Panhandle’s team…SEC football is even the highest rated in the Stereotypers’ own city…

    As soon as the Corndoggers finally fire Lester Miles, Jimbo is in Baton Rouge…

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