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Thoughts on my EERS Dominating Win


Coach Dana needs to wear a hat to cover up that awful bald spot. 
I think he still looks like Dwight Yoakum.
We could have hung 70 on them.  But we are to classy to do that.
ESPN recognizes that WVU is a top flight football program. Hence why ESPN chose to spotlight our excellence.
QB Geno Smith deserves a kiss.
The O scheme is explosive.  Marshall’s highly touted Defense didn’t have an answer to our speed and power.
Lightning ain’t a match for EER fans.  It just don’t get it done.
Offensive play was much improved.  Dominant performance from a extremely athletic group of EER student-athletes.
The running game was nifty and quick.
The beer lines at the stadium were way to slow.  It took me 30 minutes to get a damn beer.
AD Oliver Luck is the best AD in WVU history and tops in all of the NCAA.
Defensive scheme was outstanding.  Those boys deserved the game ball or a helmet sticker.
Norfolk State will be a challenge. Our superior football student-athletes, acumen, and intellect will ultimately carry the day.
A win over Marshall isn’t worth burning a couch. I know they are a really good football team. It’s just a rivalry thing.
The Mountain Mamas’ were tasty
As always, Country Roads Bitches
An interesting article on couch burning

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One comment on “Thoughts on my EERS Dominating Win

  1. LMAO…

    Only black dude in the stadium that isn’t on the field…

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