VT says no to the SEC? Of course they would….

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VT Athletic Director, Jim Weaver, said today that the Hokies would “politely decline” an offer to join the SEC. He said they like the ACC and that is where they belong. Hokies would ‘politely decline’ offer to join SEC – CBSSports.com

Why would the Hokies leave the ACC? It would be the ultimate cockblocalypse for Hokie fans. The program would be exposed for it what it is: Powder Puff Football.

VT is quietly hoping that FSU bolts for the SEC thus giving VT an easier path to the ACC championship. This scenario fits the  Hokie Modus operandi.  When the simply could not beat my old beautiful and deadly “Old Lady” on the field, WVU football (with this ring I thee wed).  So what did they do? They ran away. They ran off to the ACC to face the likes of Duke and UNC. Hey Weaver and Beamer!! The last extra mile doesn’t have a lot of people on it. Try it sometime….

In case anyone is wondering , my EERs have a commanding lead the series 28-22-1. You effing Hokies are like a bunch of gossipy old women. Sooooo jealous of my Eers and wishing that they had stayed in the Big East! Country Roads!!

The pressure to win a big OOC game must be unbearable for them right now!

Will someone please inform me on why Virginia Tech always gets a high ranking when they play such a cup cake schedule just to get easy wins and to go to a bowl that they invariably always LOSE!!!!!. For some reason sports media seems to really love Tech and Beamer when the past dictates that he will play a player (Vick) in a bowl game whom he knows will get suspended just to have a better chance to win. I remember when the Older Vick was flunking out and still played until he was assured he’d be suspended. My brother lives near Tech and see players driving Lincolns, Escadales etc, wearing jewelry only a well-to-do person can afford and living in rent subsidized apartments and never attend class. The program stinks like Bama with NCAA violations but no one cares because Tech is the darling of sports writers. it just me or does VA Tech always seem to lose their big games? Sure they beat up the Almost Competitive Conference for the last decade or so, but whenever they get to a big game against a non-conference team they always seem to lose.

VA Tech would be middle of the road at best in the SEC. They much prefer being an over hyped and over ranked team with a weak schedule There record against elite teams is as bad as it gets.

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2 comments on “VT says no to the SEC? Of course they would….

  1. Hokies kinda beat you by a lot last time…..? Lol.

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